India Flag Design, Maps, Holidays, Music, And More

Shown above is a modern-day India Flag. 

The colors are saffron, white, and "India" green. At the center of the flag is a navy blue image that appears to be a representation of a watchful eye. Or is it a symbolic sun? 

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Facts About The India Flag

The symbol at the center of the national flag of India is a 24-spoked wheel design called the Ashoka ChakraYet, many people mistake it for a symbol of the sun. 

The present flag design of India became official on August 15th, 1947. 

According to national law, the India Flag has to be made of khadi, a type of hand spun silk that was popularized by Mahatma Gandhi.   

India's flag design is based on (and quite similar to) the Swaraj flag design shown below, from the Indian National Congress. 


At the center of the flag design is a stylized spinning wheel, symbolic of Gandhi's wish that people would be self sufficient and make their own garments. 

Gandhi suggested the above India Flag design back in 1921. 

The design was later changed to be made more appropriate for a modernized Indian population. So the spinning wheel was replaced with the Ashoka Chakra

The Ashoka Chakra represents the "Eternal Wheel of Law." However, it is almost only ever seen on the center of today's India Flag. 

Shown below, a visual journey of the India Flag through history. 



Culture of India: 

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India Independence Day 

India Republic Day 


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