India Republic Day And More About India


India Republic Day is a holiday celebrated throughout the Indian subcontinent. 

This holiday honors the day that the Constitution of India took effect, on January 26th of 1950. The celebration has been held on that same date each year ever since. 

This widespread national holiday features parades, speeches, music, and cultural dances. 

Every year, India's President distributes the Padma Awards, an important civilian award that honors distinguished public service. 

Above, show planes fly in unison, blowing smoke the color of India's national flag. 

5 Facts About India Republic Day

  1. India Republic Day is closely tied to India Independence Day on August 15th. 
  2. Every India Republic Day, government officials hand out candy to schoolchildren. 
  3. The biggest India Republic Day celebration is a 3-day event that takes place in New Delhi, the nation's capital. 
  4. The first India Republic Day parade in 1950 featured horse drawn carriages. 
  5. Republic Day festivities end with a "Beating Retreat" military ceremony on January 29th. During this ceremony, all three wings of India's military (Army, Navy, and Air Force) take part in performing patriotic songs such as India's national anthem, an Urdu language song called Saare Jahan Se Achcha, and Abide With Me, Mahatma Gandhi's favorite Christmas hymn.  

Shown above: The President's bodyguards rehearsing with their horses for the India Republic Day parade. 


Shown above: Border security personnel ride camels instead of horses at India's Republic Day parade. 


Other annual holidays observed throughout India include Constitution Day (not a public holiday) on November 26th, and Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. 

Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2nd of 1869, and died on January 30th of 1948 in New Delhi. 


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