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Most Popular iPhone Apps 2011

The most popular iPhone Apps for 2011, according to recent research written up in Time Magazine, are listed here by category.

iPhone Apps for GAMES:

ANGRY BIRDS: Player uses cartoon birds as projectile weapons in an escalating war against a posse of egg-stealing green pigs.

SCRABBLE: Players match wits with the computer, against online opponents or versus friends via Facebook.

PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES: Features waves of zombies trampling a nicely manicured lawn.

DOODLE JUMP: Tilt your phone to guide the Doodler as he climbs a piece of graph paper while dodging black holes, shooting monsters and picking up treats.

FRUIT NINJA: Swipe your finger to cut flying fruits before they hit the ground. Watch out for bombs.

CUT THE ROPE: Maneuver a piece of hard candy through a maze of obstacles and rope-cutting, and into the open mouth of cute green monster.

PICTUREKA: A screen cluttered with objects, and a list of things to find.

WURDLE: Find then trace words from a lettered grid to see how many words you can make in a set time period. Shake the phone to scramble the tiles.

GEODEFENSE SWARM: Stop the creatures by blasting them with strategically-placed cannons before they reach your base.

iPhone Apps for TRAVEL

KAYAK: A simplified search for hotels, flights and car rentals.

YELP: Locates all the nearby eateries, then lets the user browse by proximity, neighborhood, price or what's open now.

WORD LENS: Translates real-word objects in real-time. Point the app at the item and watch the words transform.

WEATHER CHANNEL: Local weather everywhere, any time.

OPEN TABLE: Lets users place a reservation at any of 15,000 participating restaurants in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

WIKIPEDIA: The all-purpose encyclopedia.

HOP STOP: Enter your starting and ending addresses and the app gives you detailed directions of how to get there via public transportation.

AROUND ME: Quickly find nearby Point Of Interest like restaurants, hotels, theaters and parking spaces.

GOOGLE EARTH: Sattelite photos of anywhere on earth.

ZIPCAR: Find and reserve available cars in your area, then unlock your chosen car's doors and honk its horn from your phone using the virtual key fob.

iPhone Apps for LIFESTYLE

AMAZON: Connect to your Amazon account with the tap of a finger.

EPICURIOUS: Type in your available ingredients and the app supplies recipes.

MIXOLOGY: Bartenders' drink recipes.

PAYPAL: Fast easy payments online. Access your account with the touch of a button.

SHOP SAVVY: Compare prices and deals at a glance.

MINT: A personal financial management program.

WEB MD: A popular online medical encyclopedia.

LOSE IT!: Calorie-tracking made simple.

SPRINGPAD: Organizes information like phone numbers, shopping lists, scheduled appointments and more.


MOG: Provides access to a massive music library.

PANDORA: Discover new music from wherever you are.

SOUND HOUND: Listens to a piece of music for a few seconds and then names that tune!

BLOOM: Build your own visual patterns and unique melodies by tapping on the screen.

CAMERA +: Includes a burst mode, an image stabilizer and a timer. Also lets user manipulate photos.

PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS: Basic photo editing features.

HIPSTAMATIC: Special effects applied to photo images.

INSTAGRAM: "Follow" your friends and if they follow you back, your shared shots appear on the feed.

COLORSPLASH: Converts any photo to black and white. Allows user to keep specifically chosen details in color.


NETFLIX: gives users access to Netflix's instant streaming queue.

IMDb: Movie database.

ESPN SCORE CENTER: Breaking news in sports with real-time scores.

INSTAPAPER: Save magazine, newspaper and blog pieces to read later.

KINDLE: Buy and read any e-book available on Amazon.

PULSENEWS: Import feeds from Google and view them in an interactive mosaic.


FACEBOOK: Keep up with everything your friends are doing.

TWITTER: Allows user to share snapshots with followers.

GOOGLE: Internet search with voice recognition feature.

AIM: Allows user to stay online when not at a computer.

SKYPE: Make free phone calls to other Skype users.

FOURSQUARE: Enter your location and the app will load tips from other users.

BUMP: Tap your phone against another Bump-enabled device and your information (name, photo, email, phone numbers, Facebook, etc.) appears on their contact list, and vice versa.

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