Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

Here's how to make a Jigsaw Puzzle the easy way.  

This printable gift is perfect for You, or any puzzle lover you know! 

To print any of the images featured here, simply right-click on an image and save it to your picture file. Then follow the easy, step-by-step instructions provided below: 

  1. Print out the jigsaw puzzle piece image of your choice from any printer, using stiff paper if possible. 
  2. Glue the printed page onto a piece of solid cardboard, print side up. 
  3. Draw or paste any image onto the other side of the cardboard. If desired, choose from the hundreds of themed clipart designs linked below. Or use your favorite photo. Or use a collage of images. 
  4. Let the paste dry awhile.  
  5. Turn the page over to the side with the puzzle pieces showing, and CAREFULLY cut along the jigsaw lines using an Exacto knife with a curved blade. 

CAUTION! Be SURE to have a protective layer underneath the surface you are cutting on. You don't want to scratch the furniture. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Images

Above: Jigsaw Puzzle pieces #1 


Above: Jigsaw Puzzle pieces #2


Above: Jigsaw Puzzle pieces #3


Above: 6-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Above: Irregular 10-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Above: Another irregular Jigsaw Puzzle 


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