Job Interview Question List: The Top 10 Employer FAQs

This page features a Job Interview Question list of the Top 10 most frequently asked questions posed by employers to potential employees. 

This is a general list, relevant to most jobs in almost any field or discipline. 

Be sure to study all of these questions and formulate your answers before you go on for your next job interview. In fact, study these questions before every job interview. The employer is bound to ask at least some of them. 

Of course it also helps to research the company online, so that you can personalize your answers more directly. 

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Job Interview Question List

1  Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

This actually is a question, although it is phrased as a statement. Be ready for this one! Don't be overwhelmed by ALL the many things you know about yourself. Just pick one or two relevant points (such as education and hobbies) before you go in for your interview. 

2  Why do you want to work for this company? 

Be sure you have done your homework so you know something about the company (and the job) you are interviewing for. When you are asked this question, mention what YOU can do for THEM, as opposed to how convenient it would be for you. 

3  What is your greatest strength that qualifies you to fill this position? 

Here it might be good to mention personal traits such as patience, detail orientation, and/or an eagerness to learn. 

4  What is your biggest weakness? 

Mention something here that would not effect your ability to do the job. For instance, just say your biggest weakness is chocolate (as long as your job has nothing to do with chocolate). 

5  Why should we choose you over all the other candidates? 

Carefully prepare your particular answer to this job interview question before you go to your interview. 

6  What do you like to do in your free (spare) time? 

Mention something harmless. Avoid mentioning social media, unless the job you are applying for is about social media. 

7  What are your salary requirements? 

Think of an open ended answer to this job interview question. Again, it's always best to do your homework so you know what the pay range is. Then, ask for an amount toward the high end of the pay range, but not the absolute highest amount. 

8  Where do you envision yourself five years from now? 

If it's feasible, say you see yourself still working there in five years, perhaps in a higher position within the company. 

9 Why do you want to (or Why did you) leave your previous job? 

Have a positive answer ready. Maybe you feel you could learn more here, or maybe there is more room for advancement here. Do NOT mention any personal problems with anyone at your previous jobs. 

10 What is your most preferred work environment? 

Answer this question with whichever work environment you think this position might have. If the job is fast paced, say you like to stay busy. If the job is in the field, say you enjoy traveling and being outdoors. 


How do you think your friends would describe you? 

Here's where you can jump on the opportunity to mention a few more strengths that you might not have thought of yet. Never mind what your actual friends would actually say. That's not the point.

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