June Holidays

Regarding June Holidays, there may not be too many federal holidays in the month of June, but there are quite a few special occasions and causes for celebration.

Official holidays in the month of June include Father's Day and quite a few others, though none of them are considered a fair excuse to miss work.

Additionally, most graduation ceremonies and weddings take place in the month of June, as well as important events such as the Wimbledon Tennis match and the nationwide Gay Pride parades. 

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June Holidays Ideas

Other observable days in America that fall in the month of June include

  • National Gingerbread Day on June 5th
  • D-Day (which is also National Yo-Yo Day) on June 6th
  • Flag Day on June 14th
  • International Picnic Day on June 18th
  • Juneteenth on June 19th in Texas
  • Bald Eagle Day on June 20th
  • Summer Solstice on or around June 21st
  • United Nations Public Service Day on June 23rd

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Here's a short list of International holidays outside the United States during the month of June:

  • Madaraka Day on June 1st in Kenya
  • Italian Republic Day on June 2nd in Italy
  • Independence Day on June 12th in the Philippines
  • Youth Day on June 16th in South Africa
  • Statehood Day on June 25th in Slovenia
  • Flag Days on June 6th in Sweden, June 15th in Denmark, June 20th in Argentina, and June 26th in Romania.

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