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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



OATMEAL CLOTH: A grainy fabric with a speckled surface, often used for upholstery and drapes.

Shown below, two styles of oatmeal cloth. 

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ODHANI: A ladies' garment that tucks into a waistband, covers the head from behind, then drapes over one shoulder. 

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OFF THE SHOULDER NECKLINE: A neckline that hugs the upper arms just below the shoulders. 

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OIL CLOTH: A cotton fabric treated with linseed oil, then glazed for water-resistance. Used for making aprons and light raincoats, among other things. 

Below, a lady carries a colorful, faux leather, oil cloth satchel bag. 

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OMBRE: A gradual change in shade or color, appearing as one hue dissolving into another.  

Shown below, a lady models an ombre dress by Ralph Lauren at New York Fashion Week. 

Above image credit:

OPERA GLOVES: A long pair of dress gloves extending up past the elbows. 

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OPTICAL ILLUSION DRESS: A dress with contrasting color blocking up the sides, to suggest a slimmer or curvier figure. This design was popularized by Stella McCartney. 

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ORGANDYA stiff, sheer, lightweight transparent fabric with a crisp finish. 

Above image credit:

ORGANZAA stiff, sheer, lightweight transparent fabric, like organdy, but made from silk. 

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OSNABURG: A coarse, industrial strength cotton fabric sometimes used for upholstery, and at other times among the latest fashion trends. 

Shown below, an Osnaburg cotton shoulder bag. 

Above image credit:

OTTOMAN: A knit or woven fabric with wide ribbing, typically used for upholstery, drapes, and the latest fashion trends in women's wear. 

Above image credit:

OUTLINE STITCH: A sewing stitch that follows the outline of a design drawn onto the fabric. 

Above image credit:

OUTRĂˆ: Overdone, excessive, or exaggerated. 

Above image credit:

OVERALLS: Durable work pants with a pocketed bib attached. Overalls were originally designed as protective, utilitarian clothing for farm workers and other hard laborers. 

But every now and then, overalls become one of the latest fashion trends. 

Above image credit:

OVERCOAT: Any coat that is worn over clothes for the purpose of warmth. 

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OVERSKIRT: A skirt worn over another garment. The overskirt is often sheer, or shorter than the inner skirt, so that both skirts are visible. 

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OVER-THE-KNEE BOOT: A boot that extends to just above the knee. 

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OXFORD: 1. A type of shoe (see Balmoral). 2. A type of cotton fabric commonly used to make shirts. 

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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style


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