Libra Traits, Libra Poetry, And Other Zodiac Designs


Libra Traits In Poetry

Libra Traits

by Ray Lucero


Sensitive, intelligent, wise

Strives to balance scales

For truth he doth agonize

Knows that peace prevails


by unknown author


Libra is the liberal one..

Balancing what others shun..

Balance it whatever Be..

Love in all be what we See..

Love is but the key we use..

Love for all be what we fuse..

They say we are a sphinx in time..

Zebra be the coat we mime..

Judgement's not our way you See..

Seeking though impartiality..

Fussing when we cannot do..

Tell Us to and we may boo..

Ask Us though, We then may move..

Reasonin' be our best groove..

Finding out the cause to mend..

Whatever be the other end..

Principally we mark the way..

Objectively we turn away..

We think at times we've balanced it..

Finding just another bit..

On and on we go til whence..

We understand why else and hence..

The signs are at such logger-heads..

Over Us whom choose to lead..

The mind will balance all within..

Just the trick to find wherein..

We of Us whom dwell in time..

Satisfaction's but our rhyme..

Love to all is guaranteed..

Leave us be to balance please..

World up-Heave-All's hell fore us..

A turnaround would be a plus..

Eternally We live for Love..

Libra Paradox

by Betty Stoneman


Trapped in mind numbing isolation

Futile, angst filled desperation

Lacking any deep felt emotion

Washing away the tears

Killing the memories of the years

Only to find another haze appears

It is for something I cannot conceive

That is too unrealistic to believe

Yet for it I childishly grieve

Laughing at aimless self deceit

Recognizing yet not accepting defeat

Hiding in falsified conceit

Aching at the sight of beauty

Wishing to destroy those of purity

Yet tormenting the guilty

I am the paradox of confusion

Fueled by a deluded illusion

And insanity's intrusion

Subtle cries for sympathy

Super imposed with the all too needy

Dousing the flames with self pity

In an inferno for the lonely

This is your birthright and legacy

Which cares not how you grow weary

But teases you with brief moments of mercy

And shall for the rest of eternity

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