List Of US Senators And More

Basic Senate Info

This page links to a List of US senators currently in office, and also provides further details about the United States Senate. 

Senators are listed alphabetically by state, then senator. Party affiliations are included.

This list was compiled from data found on the official website pertaining to the U.S. Senate. 

The powers of the Senate include consenting to treaties as a precondition to their ratification, and consent or confirmation of appointments of Cabinet secretaries, federal judges, military officers and other federal uniformed officers. 

Senators are also involved in the impeachment trials of federal officials.


  • Each American state is represented by two Senators, regardless of the state's resident population. This ensures equal representation of each state in the Senate.
  • United States Senators serve staggered six-year terms.
  • The president of the senate is also the Vice President of the United States.
  • The first woman elected into the sentate was Hattie Caraway in 1932, although a lady named Rebecca Felton was appointed to the position ten years earlier.
  • The oldest U.S. Senator was Strom Thurmond. He occupied the post for 49 years until his death at the age of 100.
  • The nation's first African American Senator was Hiram Revels, elected by the state of Mississippi in 1870.
  • As of 2012, the salary of a United States Senator is just above $165,000 per year.
  • Candidates for the senate must possess all of the following three qualities:

  1. Must be at least thirty years of age at the time of service (though not necessarily at the time of election).
  2. Must be a citizen of the United States for at least nine years prior to election. 
  3. Must be a resident of the state in which he or she is elected. 


For a complete list of current U.S. Senators, click the link shown below. 

List of US Senators and More


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