The Ultimate Brand Logo Quiz

This brand logo quiz is a quick and easy way to measure visual pattern recognition skills.

Shown here are 25 professionally designed logos pertaining to retail brands, airlines, sports teams and other organizations. 

A logo is a form of mass communication.

It is basically a stylized visual symbol that represents a group, product or service.

Successful logos are instantly associated with the product or service they represent.

A high paid graphic designer can sometimes earn thousands of dollars for designing a single logo.

The logos shown here are accurate representations, but most of the lettering has been removed.

Graphic designers and natural puzzle solvers will get more correct answers, but only about one in thirty people gets every answer correct.

Scroll down below the images for the answer key.

To print this logo quiz, simply highlight the images and desired text, then select PRINT from your file menu.

Professional Logo Quiz


CONTINENTAL AIRLINES – A former major airline company that merged with United Airlines in 2010.

MONSTER ENERGY – A popular energy drink, recognizable by the monster-like green “M” on the label.

UPS – United Parcel Service. A national shipping company.

NEW YORK YANKEES – A Major League baseball team.

LEVIS – A brand name forever associated with denim blue jeans.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – A professional NFL team based in Missouri.

ZAMBIA AIRLINE – An airline based in Africa.

WILDCATS – The college athletic division at University of Kentucky.

ALASKA AIRLINES – A Seattle-based airline company providing flights to and from Alaska.

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES – A professional basketball (NBA) team based in Tennessee.

AT&T – A United States telecommunications company.

JOHN DEERE – A company that sells tractors and other farming machinery. 

CAROLINA PANTHERS – A professional football (NFL) team based in North Carolina.

KODAK – A major American imaging technology company.

CLEVELAND BROWNS – A professional football (NFL) team based in Ohio. This is an older version of their logo.

VOLKSWAGON – A German automobile manufacturer.

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS – A California Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

U.S. POST OFFICE – America's postal service.

UNITED AIRLINES - A major commercial flight company that recently merged with Continental Airlines.

MAYTAG – A major appliance manufacturer.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – A professional football (NFL) team based in Louisiana.

FERRARI – An automobile manufacturer.

NBC – A television network. This logo is so old that it was designed to advertise color TV.

PENN STATE – A public research University based in Pennsylvania. Their athletes are called Nittany Lions.

GEORGIA TECH – a.k.a. Georgia Institute of Technology. A public research University based in Atlanta. Georgia Tech's athletes are called Yellow Jackets.

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