How To Make Money With SEO


How do you make money from a website these days? It’s hard to keep up with Google. By the time you finish optimizing every page on your site, SEO best practices have changed completely. 

The “rules” of SEO are rather simple: On one hand, SEO is a numbers game - The more visitor traffic you bring, the more visitors will click on your ads, or buy your product, or become repeat customers, or whatever is your desired action.

On the other hand, human visitors have to like (enough to be persuaded by) your content. 

You have to strike a chord with your visitor. You must “check all the right boxes,” so to speak. 

Whatever the outcome may be, the fact remains that if you attract more visitors to your website, your business will make money. 

The trick of it is to create an SEO strategy that will not soon become obsolete.

This is much easier said than done, considering the exponential growth of online data, not to mention the extreme secrecy of Google executives regarding their business practices. 

Still, all business professionals have to stay on top of their game, or else get left in the dust. That means, among other things, optimizing your website as well as possible.

So you just have to trust the process. It’s not like you have much choice. If you aim to do business, you must have an online presence of some kind.  

On a positive note, look at it this way: For every keyword out there, someone’s gotta rank among the highest. It might as well be you. 

Shown Above: A sample Google Adsense account page.

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If you maximize your SEO, your site will rank higher than 99% of all the websites on the internet. Hooray! 

That leaves only about 10 million websites for you to compete with.  

But seriously, there are two main ways to make money with SEO: You make money when customers buy your product, and you make money when visitors click on your ads. 

Here are a few tips for improving your SEO.

How To Make Money Online With SEO

There are a number of ways for you to make money by using today’s most innovative SEO techniques.

Still, some of the older techniques of SEO and content marketing online are just as effective today as they were twenty years ago. 

For instance, here are eight tried and true, timeless tips for promoting your product or service with best SEO practices. Real-world examples are provided.    

1. Search faster! Increase the speed of your keyword searches.

Streamline your keyword research with free online tools such as SEMrush, UberSuggest, and Google Trends, among others.

Doing this will not only save time and yield the best keywords, but should also provide fresh ideas for additional blog posts. 

2. Get greedy! Grab the highest volume keywords you can find that fit your niche.

Volume is key.

For now, don’t concern yourself with cost per click, keyword competition, or the number of web pages that already use that keyword. 

3. Overdeliver! If, for example, best SEO practices state that a web page should contain at least 400 words of text, increase the word count to 1,000 (or even 2,000) words or more.

You can do this most easily by making your existing pages longer, as opposed to creating pages from scratch.

Or you can create pages from scratch. 

By the same measure, your web page can never have too many compelling images. 

It is smart to include at least 8 to 10 crisp, clear, relevant visuals in a 2,000-word post. 

4. Choose Wisely! Take your time selecting images for your page.

This will improve visitor engagement, which is basically the length of time a visitor spends on a page. 

The optimal size for an image on a webpage is about 100 to 300 kB. 

If too much smaller, the image can appear the size of a postage stamp.

If too much larger, the page may take too long to load. 

Avoid selecting images from too early in the image results page, or images that appear too often.

These images are overused.

Scroll down the page for awhile. You’ll find more interesting images that way.

As for photos, it’s best to take your own original pictures, although this is not always feasible.

When you cannot take the photos yourself, search Google Images, Instagram, or Pinterest for pictures of just about anything you can name. 

Be sure to credit all borrowed images. 

Here’s an example of a webpage that ranks highly, probably due to an abundance of striking images: 

5. Act Naturally! In other words, hire a first rate professional writer to create compelling content.

The text should flow smoothly and draw the reader into the story, while also strategically incorporating keywords for the search engines. 

To really make money with SEO, you have to please human visitors, as well as Google’s robots. 

High-quality content is guaranteed to improve visitor engagement on your webpage.

In the past, page content needed only to be relevant.

But the game has changed. Big Data has arrived.

Now your content needs to be superb.  

One natural way of repeating a keyword multiple times on a page is to incorporate the keyword into a “bucket brigade.” 

That’s when you break up your text into shorter blocks, and start each block with the same word or phrase. 

For example, here’s a Q&A post that satisfies the keyword requirements by using the keyword in every question: 

6. Experience UX! Here are some tips on formatting your posts (and your website) for easier viewing. 

  • Use bulleted or numbered lists as needed
  • Use subheads to break up the paragraphs.
  • Break text into shorter paragraphs.
  • Write shorter sentences, and use shorter words whenever possible.
  • Insert numerous high quality, well chosen images. 
  • Pay attention to colors. For instance, let the color of your ads match the color scheme of your website, to create a seamless blend of ads with your brand. 
  • Attend to ad placement. How many ads should be placed on a page? And where on the page should they go? That's for You to decide. 
  • Present your prose in an Inverted Pyramid style (i.e. the most important news, followed by the smaller details, followed by the background info). 

7. Keep Them Engaged! The term bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who go to your website and then leave without further interaction. 

This is no way to make money. 

One great way to lower your bounce rate is to create a simple page layout with EASY navigation. 

High bounce rates usually result from an awkward or difficult UX. 

8. Use Power Words! Power words are a proven way to get a visitor’s attention. 

They are impulsive words that imply speedy results. 

Power words cause visitors to click. 

Here’s a list of "proven" SEO Power Words: 

  • EASY
  • FAST

Following the above steps will attract visitors to your website organically. 

The way to make money with SEO is through sheer visitor volume. 

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Technical Tips To Make Money With SEO

It can be said that there are two types of SEO:

  1. Technical implementations
  2. User Experience (UX) 

So far, the focus here has been how to make money with UX. 

Here are 4 technical SEO tips that can make money by improving your search engine rankings.

These 4 simple steps should strengthen your SEO, and can’t hurt it, in any case. 

1. Switch from http to https, if you haven't already done so.

This will tighten the security of your website, thereby improving the SEO “health” of your pages.  

2. Be sure your website template is mobile-friendly.

Think With Google is one way to determine how mobile-friendly your website is, and includes speed as one of the parameters. 

3. Fix all broken links and “404” errors.

It seems clear that Google punishes websites with broken links or missing pages. 

4. Increase your site speed.

According to at least one survey, nearly half of all internet users expect a site to take no more than 2 seconds to load.

Try Website Grader or some other free online diagnostic tool for suggestions on how to increase your site speed. 

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5 Newer SEO Innovations

Here are 5 somewhat recent innovative techniques for building revenue with SEO. 

1. Focus your post on topics, as opposed to keywords.

The topic should be contained in your page title.

Every word in your post, not to mention every image, should be on topic. 

2. Get to know your target audience.

Thanks to Big Data and predictive analytics, everything is personalized these days. Even advertisements.

If you really want to know your audience on a deeper level, try the free online tool called User Testing (described below). 

3. Include backlinks.

Links from other websites to yours are one of the most essential ways to improve your SEO.

It seems virtually certain that Google ranks pages with backlinks more highly than pages with no inbound links. 

It’s also important (especially these days) to obtain quality links.

For instance, search engines prefer backlinks that are earned naturally, as opposed to links that are paid for. 

In any case, backlinks must be high quality links that are relevant to the brand or subject matter. 

4. Upload videos to Youtube.

Youtube videos rank in Google’s top 10 results  much more often than other videos do. 

Youtube is also the 2nd most popular search engine on the internet (behind only Google).

In fact, Youtube gets more than 3 billion searches every month! 

So it makes sense to record some quick videos with your iPhone and upload them to Youtube.

Start with shorter videos of maybe 2 or 3 minutes. 

Be sure to make your videos SEO-friendly, just like all your other web pages. 

Use well chosen titles, and detailed written descriptions of each video. 

It also doesn’t hurt to add music, when appropriate. 

5. But first, you need to know how your pages are performing. 

Today, there are quite a lot of FREE online platforms you can use to diagnose your website SEO.

Pinpoint the problems and tweak a few things here and there. This can improve your Google rankings. 

You can use these free online tools to analyze keywords, track visitor engagement, check website speed, update security settings, and even spy on your competitors, among other things. 

Here are just a dozen examples of the countless free online SEO tools available to website builders today: 

AHREFS: This company's software includes backlink checkers, content explorers, keyword analytics, and more. 

This product is considered one of the best content marketing programs out there. 

Canva: This FREE content marketing tool allows users to create and edit images.

Canva is an attractive, user-friendly platform - easy on the eyes, with silky-smooth navigation. 

Google Analytics: This all-purpose platform provides all the stats and metrics you need to determine how fast your website can make money. 

It even provides weekly reports, including:

  • Number of views
  • Time spent in the page
  • Search queries 
  • Referrals

and others. 

Google Optimize: This DIY, UX, free online tool is designed especially for small business owners. 

Among other things, this platform helps marketers maximize visitor engagement, using existing metrics as a springboard. 

Google Search Console: This platform helps marketers determine keyword performance.

Doing this can improve your click-through rates (CTR).

Your CTR is the percentage of net surfers who click on your site from a Google results page. 

Keyword Explorer: This online tool, developed by Moz, is like a one-stop shop for keyword data.

This platform allows you to analyze virtually all measures of keyword effectiveness. 

SEMrushThis platform is another popular source for keyword research, featuring a wealth of useful information.

SEMrush even has a “keyword magic tool,” which enables the user to gather more keywords, along with many fresh new ideas. 

Just don’t get discouraged when you look up a keyword and find that there are hundreds of thousands (or even millions, and sometimes even billions!) of webpages already using that keyword.

The internet is so saturated with data that this issue cannot be avoided. 

However, this does not mean you can’t make money. 

The internet is still, more or less, a level playing field. 

SERPSSERPS features a collection of SEO tools such as keyword rankings, keyword demand, related keywords, and other ways to make money.

Think With GoogleAmong other things, this online tool can tell you how responsive (mobile-friendly) your website is. 

UberSuggestAllows the user to type in a keyword, then reveals important info regarding the potential of that keyword. Also handy is a list of related keywords

User TestingThis tool is similar to Google Optimize, only much more advanced and informative. 

User Testing is a good way to extract customer information. 

Website GraderThis website lets you know how your website is doing, by giving it a grade (100 being the highest). 

Then it tells you exactly what is wrong with your site, and gives suggestions on how to fix the problems. 

In case you are curious, WebsiteGrader gave itself a score of 97.  

The Future of SEO and Content Marketing

What does Google have in store for the future? As usual, we can only guess. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we can reasonably expect many jobs lost to robots.

Not only can robots already do so many things better and faster than humans can, but the robots can actually "learn" (i.e. improve in performance over time at whatever they are programmed to do). 

What's more, the fact that robots never feel ill or have emotional issues is not lost on employers. 

Regarding SEO, expect Google to continue on its noble mission - pushing for top quality web content and highly relevant search results by creating ever more sophisticated algorithms. 

Eventually, advances in quantum computing will change the game entirely, once again. 


When visitors arrive on your website, the trick is to make them stay as long as possible. This will increase their likelihood of clicking on an ad, or perhaps buying your product or service. 

Fortunately, today’s free online SEO tools can help you make money this way. 

As you can see, the concepts of SEO and content marketing are somewhat overlapping.

Although they are two different methods of operation, optimal results are achieved when SEO and content are implemented together. 

Best SEO practices will organically attract many thousand (or even many million) visitors to your website.

But it’s your content marketing strategies that will convince those visitors to click. 

That’s how you make money with SEO. 

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