Map of California Cities

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Shown below is a list of California's 75 (or so) cities of more than 100,000 people, ranked by population size, as of 2020.

All of these municipalities can be found on a standard Map of California Cities. 

CITY                        POP

Los Angeles            4,015,940

Los Angeles County is home to no less than eighty-seven (87) cities, including the state's largest city (Los Angeles) and smallest city (Vernon). 

San Diego              1,447,100

San Jose                1,033,670

San Francisco            896,047

Fresno                     538,195

Sacramento             521,769

Long Beach              463,218

Oakland                   435,224

Bakersfield               390,233

Anaheim                  352,911

Riverside                  336,285

Santa Ana                330,389

Stockton                  316,996

Irvine                      303,956

Chula Vista              277,289

Fremont                  239,525

Modesto                  218,758

Fontana                   218,573

San Bernardino        217,671

Moreno Valley          212,992 

Oxnard                    212,715

Santa Clarita            210,543

Glendale                  204,765

Huntington Beach     201,941

Ontario                    186,653

Rancho Cucamonga   180,031

Elk Grove                 177,406

Santa Rosa              177,132

Oceanside                176,950

Corona                    171,213

Garden Grove           170,328

Hayward                  161,314

Lancaster                 158,627

Palmdale                  156,299

Salinas                    155,619

Sunnyvale                152,427

Pomona                   152,405

Escondido                152,245

Pasadena                 150,185

Roseville                  143,921

Torrance                  143,912

Pasadena                 141,695

Orange                    138,816

Fullerton                  138,200

Visalia                     137,272

Concord                   130,664

Santa Clara              129,972

Thousand Oaks         127,228

Simi Valley               126,191

Vallejo                     123,073

Victorville                 122,870

Berkeley                  122,667

East Los Angeles       119,827

Fairfield                   119,568

Carlsbad                  118,313

Clovis                      118,014

Murietta                   118,005

Temecula                 117,852 

El Monte                  115,508

Costa Mesa              115,081

Jurupa Valley           113,375

Antioch                    112,225

Ventura                    111,566

Downey                   111,329

Richmond                110,414

Inglewood                108,695

Santa Maria              108,366

Daly City                 106,598

West Covina             105,327

San Mateo               104,983

Norwalk                   104,356

Rialto                      104,108

Burbank                  103,865

Vacaville                  103,336 

El Cajon                  103,113

Vista                       101,200

Arden-Arcade           100,548 


  • The first city incorporated in the state California was Sacramento in February of 1850. Later that same year, San Diego, San Joe, Benicia, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Stockton were also added to the map of California cities. 
  • The state of California is divided into 58 counties. 
  • In land area, California's smallest town is Amador City, spanning less than one third of a square mile. The state's largest city in land size is Los Angeles, covering nearly 469 square miles. 
  • There is only one city in each of the California counties of Calaveras (Angels Camp), Del Norte (Crescent City), Inyo (bishop), Lassen (Susanville), Modoc (Alturas), Mono (Mammoth Lakes), Plumas (portola), San Francisco (San Francisco), Sierra (Loyalton) and Tuolumne (Sonora). You can find these counties on a map of California cities. Visit the link shown below. 


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