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The above US map shows the location of the state of Oklahoma in relation to other US states. 

On November 16th of 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th of 50 states admitted to the Union. 

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  1. The world's first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City on July 16th of 1935. 
  2. The word "Oklahoma" is derived from two words of the Choctaw language meaning "Red People." 
  3. Native American Tribes from the state of Oklahoma include Cherokee, Comanche, Kiowa, Lenape, Osage, Pawnee, and dozens more. In fact, Oklahoma has 39 federally recognized Native American tribes within its borders, and has the largest American Indian population of any state.  
  4. The state of Oklahoma is the 4th largest producer of wheat in the United States
  5. The Official State Animal of Oklahoma is the buffalo. 
  6. The "Official State Meal" of Oklahoma consists of fried okra, cornbread, BBQ pork, squash, biscuits, sausage and gravy, grits, corn, strawberries (official state fruit), chicken fried steak, pecan pie, and black eyed peas. 
  7. The Official State Vegetable of Oklahoma is the watermelon. Seriously. 
  8. Okmulgee is home to an annual pecan festival, and holds the official world record for the largest pecan pie ever made. 
  9. Jenks is a favorite town for tourists seeking retail therapy. Jenks is home to a great number of antique stores, collectibles dealers, gift stores, galleries, and other quaint and curious shopportunities. 
  10. The 10 largest cities (by population) in Oklahoma are Oklahoma City (state capital), Tulsa, Norman, Broken Arrow, Lawton, Edmond, Moore, Midwest City, Enid, and Stillwater, in that order. 


Above: A road Map Of Oklahoma.

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Here is a list of the 77 counties you might find on a standard map of Oklahoma: 

  1. Adair County 
  2. Alfalfa County 
  3. Atoka County 
  4. Beaver County 
  5. Beckham County 
  6. Blaine County 
  7. Bryan County 
  8. Caddo County 
  9. Canadian County 
  10. Carter County 
  11. Cherokee County 
  12. Choctaw County
  13. Cimarron County
  14. Cleveland County
  15. Cole County
  16. Comanche County
  17. Cotton County
  18. Craig County
  19. Creek County
  20. Custer County
  21. Delaware County
  22. Dewey County
  23. Ellis County
  24. Garfield County
  25. Garvin County
  26. Grady County
  27. Grant County
  28. Greer County
  29. Harmon County
  30. Harper County
  31. Haskell County
  32. Hughes County
  33. Jackson County
  34. Jefferson County
  35. Johnston County
  36. Kay County
  37. Kingfisher County
  38. Kiowa County
  39. Latimer County
  40. Le Flore County
  41. Lincoln County
  42. Logan County
  43. Love County
  44. Major County
  45. Marshall County
  46. Mayes County
  47. McClain County
  48. McCurtain County
  49. McIntosh County 
  50. Murray County 
  51. Muskogee County 
  52. Noble County 
  53. Nowata County 
  54. Okfuskee County 
  55. Oklahoma County
  56. Okmulgee County
  57. Osage County 
  58. Ottawa County
  59. Pawnee County
  60. Payne County 
  61. Pittsburg County 
  62. Pontotoc County
  63. Pottawatomie County 
  64. Pushmataha County
  65. Riger Mills County 
  66. Rogers County 
  67. Seminole County 
  68. Sequoyah County
  69. Stephens County 
  70. Texas County 
  71. Tillman County
  72. Tulsa County 
  73. Wagoner County 
  74. Washington County
  75. Washita County 
  76. Woods County 
  77. Woodward County


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