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The above US map shows the location of the state of Pennsylvania in relation to other US states. 

On December 12th of 1787, Pennsylvania became the 2nd of 50 states admitted to the Union, and was one of the original 13 colonies.  

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  1. Pennsylvania was the first state to put its website address on its license plates. 
  2. The first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh in 1909.
  3. The first automobile service station opened in Pittsburgh in 1913. 
  4. Pennsylvania is one of four states that is a "commonwealth," which has no legal meaning in America today. 
  5. Philadelphia was home to America's first department store. It was called Wanamaker's. 
  6. Pennsylvania has the world's largest Amish population. 
  7. Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is dubbed The Mushroom Capital Of The World, for the one million pounds of mushrooms produced there every year. Visit the town's annual Mushroom Festival on the first week after Labor Day. 
  8. Ben Franklin started America's first zoo in Philadelphia, and also established America's First Public Library
  9. The Billy Joel song called Allentown is actually about the neighboring city of Bethlehem, but the word "Allentown" was easier to find rhymes for.  
  10. Scrapple is Pennsylvania's version of Spam. This composite meat product made from ground pig parts is a source of tremendous local pride. 


Above: Physical Map Of Pennsylvania

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Above: City Map Of Pennsylvania 

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Above: Road Map Of Pennsylvania 

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Here is an alphabetical list of the 67 counties you would likely find on a map of Pennsylvania: 

  1. Adams County 
  2. Allegheny County 
  3. Armstrong County 
  4. Beaver County 
  5. Bedford County 
  6. Berks County 
  7. Blair County 
  8. Bradford County 
  9. Bucks County 
  10. Butler County 
  11. Cambria County 
  12. Cameron County 
  13. Carbon County 
  14. Centre County 
  15. Chester County 
  16. Clarion County 
  17. Clearfield County 
  18. Clinton County 
  19. Columbia County 
  20. Crawford County 
  21. Cumberland County 
  22. Dauphin County 
  23. Delaware County 
  24. Elk County 
  25. Erie County 
  26. Fayette County 
  27. Forest County 
  28. Franklin County 
  29. Fulton County 
  30. Greene County 
  31. Huntington County 
  32. Indiana County 
  33. Jefferson County 
  34. Juniata County 
  35. Lackawanna County 
  36. Lancaster County 
  37. Lawrence County 
  38. Lebanon County 
  39. Lehigh County 
  40. Luzerne County 
  41. Lycoming County 
  42. McKeane County 
  43. Mercer County 
  44. Mifflin County 
  45. Monroe County 
  46. Montgomery County 
  47. Montour County 
  48. Northampton County 
  49. Northumberland County 
  50. Perry County 
  51. Philadelphia County 
  52. Pike County 
  53. Potter County 
  54. Schuylkill County 
  55. Snyder County 
  56. Somerset County 
  57. Sullivan County 
  58. Susquehanna County 
  59. Tioga County 
  60. Union County 
  61. Venango County 
  62. Warren County 
  63. Washington County 
  64. Wayne County 
  65. Westmoreland County 
  66. Wyoming County 
  67. York County 


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