This page features a free printable Map Of South Dakota. 

The above US map shows the location of the state of South Dakota in relation to other US states. 

On November 2nd of 1889, South Dakota became the 39th or 40th of 50 states admitted to the Union.

North Dakota was admitted on the very same day. 

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  1. South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore. This gigantic national monument is a mountain carved with the faces of four US Presidents - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. The monument is about the size of a six-story building.      
  2. South Dakota has an average population density of 11 people per square mile. 
  3. The most famous people to come from South Dakota are Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. Click here to read Crazy Horse Appearing, an award winning contemporary novel about the great Lakota Chief.
  4. Jewel Cave National Monument is the 3rd longest cave in the world, spanning more than 150 miles. 
  5. Laura Ingalls Wilder, the main character in Little House On The Prairie, grew up in South Dakota near De Smet.  
  6. Lewis & Clark explored what is now the state of South Dakota back in 1804. 
  7. Thanks to the Missouri River, South Dakota has more miles of shoreline than the state of Florida. 
  8. Huron, South Dakota is home to the world's largest pheasant sculpture, measuring 40 feet from beak to tail. 
  9. South Dakota is home to nine Indian Reservations, more than any other state. 
  10. The Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, South Dakota was the largest and deepest gold mine in history until it closed in 2002. 


Above: A Google Map Of South Dakota, depicting cities, main roads, and Indian reservations.

Above: A topographical Map Of South Dakota, depicting statewide elevation levels.

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Above: This Map Of South Dakota depicts cities, counties, rivers, and surrounding states.

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Here is an alphabetical list of the 66 counties in the state of South Dakota: 

  1. Aurora County 
  2. Beadle County 
  3. Bennett County 
  4. Bon Homme County 
  5. Brookings County
  6. Brown County 
  7. Brule County 
  8. Buffalo County 
  9. Butte County 
  10. Campbell County 
  11. Charles Mix County 
  12. Clark County 
  13. Clay County 
  14. Codington County 
  15. Corson County 
  16. Custer County 
  17. Davison County 
  18. Day County 
  19. Deuel County 
  20. Dewey County 
  21. Douglas County 
  22. Edmonds County 
  23. Fall River County 
  24. Faulk County 
  25. Grant County 
  26. Gregory County
  27. Hakaan County 
  28. Hamlin County 
  29. Hand County 
  30. Hanson County 
  31. Harding County 
  32. Hughes County 
  33. Hutchinson County 
  34. Hyde County 
  35. Jackson County 
  36. Jerauld County 
  37. Jones County 
  38. Kingsbury County 
  39. Lake County 
  40. Lawrence County 
  41. Lincoln County 
  42. Lyman County 
  43. Marshall County 
  44. McCook County 
  45. McPherson County 
  46. Meade County
  47. Mellette County 
  48. Miner County 
  49. Minnehaha County 
  50. Moody County 
  51. Oglala Lakota County 
  52. Pennington County 
  53. Perkins County 
  54. Potter County 
  55. Roberts County 
  56. Sanborn County 
  57. Spink County 
  58. Stanley County 
  59. Sulley County 
  60. Todd County 
  61. Tripp County 
  62. Turner County 
  63. Union County 
  64. Walworth County 
  65. Yankton County 
  66. Ziebach County


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