This page features a free printable Map Of Virginia. 

The above US map shows the location of the state of Virginia in relation to other US states. 

On June 25th of 1788, Virginia became the 10th of 50 states admitted to the Union, and was one of the original 13 colonies.  

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  1. Virginia's biggest cash crop is tobacco. 
  2. Virginia has a higher percentage of vanity license plates than any other state in America.  
  3. It is estimated that more than half of all internet traffic flows through northern Virginia. 
  4. The first British colony to settle in America was at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. Within three years, 9 out of 10 Jamestown settlers had died of disease and starvation.  
  5. Roughly 62% of the state of Virginia is forested land. 
  6. Williamsburg, Virginia is home to the Presidential Pet Museum, where you can learn about FDR's beloved dog Fala, Calvin Coolidge's lion cubs, George Washington's favorite horse, and others. 
  7. Virginia has a statewide system of independent cities, which are not under the jurisdiction of any county. Only 3 independent US cities are NOT located in the state of Virginia - Baltimore Maryland, Carson City Nevada, and St. Louis, Missouri. 
  8. Eight US Presidents were born in Virginia. They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson, in that order. 
  9. Virginia is the largest producer of seafood on the Atlantic coast. 
  10. The 10 largest cities in Virginia (by population size) are Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington, Richmond, Newport, Alexandria, Hampton, Roanoke, and Portsmouth, in that order.   


Above: A Map Of Virginia depicting cities, land features, and surrounding states.

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Here is an alphabetical list of the 95 counties that would likely appear on a map of Virginia: 

  1. Accomack County 
  2. Albemarle County 
  3. Alleghany County 
  4. Amelia County 
  5. Amherst County 
  6. Appomattox County 
  7. Arlington County 
  8. Augusta County 
  9. Bath County 
  10. Bedford County 
  11. Bland County 
  12. Botetourt County 
  13. Brunswick County 
  14. Buchanan County 
  15. Buckingham County 
  16. Campbell County 
  17. Caroline County 
  18. Carroll County 
  19. Charles City County 
  20. Charlotte County 
  21. Chesterfield County 
  22. Clarke County 
  23. Craig County 
  24. Culpeper County 
  25. Cumberland County 
  26. Dickenson County 
  27. Dinwiddie County 
  28. Essex County 
  29. Fairfax County 
  30. Fauquier County 
  31. Floyd County 
  32. Fluvanna County 
  33. Franklin County 
  34. Frederick County 
  35. Giles County 
  36. Gloucester County 
  37. Goochland County 
  38. Grayson County 
  39. Greene County 
  40. Greensville County 
  41. Halifax County 
  42. Hanover County 
  43. Henrico County 
  44. Henry County 
  45. Highland County 
  46. Isle Of Wight County
  47. James City County  
  48. King And Queen County 
  49. King George County 
  50. King William County 
  51. Lancaster County 
  52. Lee County 
  53. Loudoun County 
  54. Louisa County 
  55. Lunenburg County 
  56. Madison County 
  57. Mathews County 
  58. Mecklenburg County 
  59. Middlesex County 
  60. Montgomery County 
  61. Nelson County 
  62. New Kent County 
  63. Northampton County 
  64. Northumberland County 
  65. Nottoway County 
  66. Orange County 
  67. Page County 
  68. Patrick County 
  69. Pittsylvania County 
  70. Powhatan County 
  71. Prince Edward County 
  72. Prince George County 
  73. Prince William County 
  74. Pulaski County 
  75. Rappahannock County 
  76. Richmond County 
  77. Roanoke County 
  78. Rockbridge County 
  79. Rockingham County 
  80. Russell County 
  81. Scott County 
  82. Shenandoah County 
  83. Smyth County 
  84. Southampton County 
  85. Spotsylvania County 
  86. Stafford County 
  87. Surrey County 
  88. Sussex County 
  89. Tazewell County 
  90. Warren County 
  91. Washington County 
  92. Westmoreland County 
  93. Wise County 
  94. Wythe County
  95. York County 


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