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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



BOURDON LACE: A machine-made lace, sometimes constructed with a scroll design. 

Above image credit: atelierdentelles.com

BOURETTE: A plied yarn with nubs of another color. 

Above image credit: slingofest.com

BOWLER HAT: A hard felt hat with a rounded crown, also known as a derby. Shown below, a mens fashion show featuring bowler hats. 

Above image credit: menstylefashion.com

BOW TIE: A man's short necktie, arranged in circular loops near the shirt collar. 

Above image credit: sachinluthra.com

BOX COAT: A straight, unfitted overcoat of rectangular design. Popular in both women's and mens fashion designs. 

Above image credit: Johnlewis.com

BOXER SHORTS: A type of mens briefs that extend part way down the leg. 

Above image credit: libertycowboychurch.com

BOY SHORT: In women's or mens fashion, a style of brief or bikini swimsuit that covers the hips and upper thigh. 

Above image credit: swimhoney.com

BRANDENBURG COAT: A loose, cuffed overcoat where the sleeves and body are made from a single piece of fabric. This design was most popular in the late 17th century. 

Above image credit: etsy.com

BRETON HAT: A peaked cap traditionally worn by sailors. 

Above image credit: eBay.com

BRIDAL WEAR: Any clothes and accessories associated with a wedding. 

Shown below, the contemporary 2019 bridal fashions of designer Justin Alexander. 

Above image credit: fashionreverie.com

BROADCLOTH: A densely woven cotton cloth created with crosswise ribbing. 

Above image credit: innovasia.com

BROCADE: A thick fabric of silk or rayon, often featuring a raised floral pattern. 

Above image credit: aliexpress.com

BROCATELLE: A jacquard fabric typically used for drapes and upholstery, but sometimes used in fashion design, as shown below. 

Above image credit: decorartsnow.com

BROGAN: A type of boot that was traditionally worn by soldiers, but more recently found its way into women's and mens fashion design. 

Above image credit: ikrush.com

BROOMSTICK SKIRT: A tiered ankle-length skirt with a crinkled effect. 

Above image credit: leaf.tv

BUBBLE SKIRT: A skirt that folds up at the hem and attaches to the inner waistline. Bubble skirts are sometimes stuffed with tulle for a fuller effect. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

above image credit: fashionista.com

BUBU: A lightweight, flowing robe with wide sleeves, most commonly seen in African women's and mens fashion. 

Above image credit: madailygist.ng

BUCKRAM: A stiff, coarse fabric, often used as an interlining. 

Above image credit: sewingdepot.net

BUCKSKIN: A smooth, heavy fabric, typically made from the hide of a deer. Shown below, Raquel Welch models a beautiful buckskin dress in 1973. 

Above image credit: Franco Rubartelli, photographer


BUFFALO CHECK: A bold check pattern of contrasting colors, typically red and black. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

BUNTING: A plain fabric often used to make flags. Also known as banner cloth

Above image credit: flickr.com

BURKA: A flowing Muslim garment that covers the wearer from head to toe.

Shown below, a collection of mens fashion burkas. 

Above image credit: seorefugee.com

BURL: An imperfection in wool. 

Above image credit: ravelry.com

BURLING: The process of removing loose threads from a fabric to give it a smoother texture. Below, a burl sweater in indigo. 

Above image credit: lyst.com

BURLAP: A coarse, heavy, woven fabric made from plant fibers. Also known as jute

Shown below, a tailored burlap jacket by Jackie Rogers. 

Above image credit: jackierogers.com 

BURN-OUT VELVET: Velvet that is textured by way of the chemical dissolution of some of the fibers. 

Above image credit: eBay.com

BUSTIER: A strapless, form fitting, upper body lingerie garment, typically worn by women, but not unheard of in modern mens fashion. 

Above image credit: forever21.com

BUSTLE: A structural attachment to the back of a floor-length dress, in order to accentuate the derriere.

Shown below, a bustle drawn onto a dress for illustrative purposes. 

Above image credit: fiveminutehistory.com

BUTA: A Persian motif featuring a flowering plant with a curling bud. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

BUTCHER'S LINEN: A heavy, durable linen fabric most commonly used for making aprons and table cloths. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

BUTTONHOLE STITCH: A stitching technique most often used to reinforce buttonholes, but also used as a design element in appliqu├ęs and embroidery. 

Above image credit: youtube.com

BUZZCUT: A very short hairstyle that sticks straight up, created by using electric clippers. The buzzcut is a popular mens fashion statement.  

Below, Brad Pitt sports the perfect buzzcut. 

Above image credit: coolmenhairstyles.com



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