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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



TAB COLLAR: A closed, pointed, turned down collar designed to accommodate a men's necktie. 

Above image credit: gurrikahlon.com

TACKING: A type of temporary stitch, also known as a basting stitch.

The tacking stitch is used in virtually all garment designs, including Middle East fashion. 

Above image credit: slideshare.net

TACTEL BRAND: A brand of nylon fabric patented by the DuPont company, typically used for swimsuits and athleisure designs.  

Shown below, a gorgeous swatch of Tactel, lycra spandex, 4-way stretch fabric. 

Above image credit: bodikian-textiles.com

TAFFETA: A smooth, crisp, high end fabric, typically made from silk, although rayon will also work. 

Above image credit: johnpaulataker.com

TAGIYA/TAGIYAH/TAQIYAH: A skullcap sometimes worn under the kaffiyeh (the traditional headdress in Middle East Fashion), to hold the kaffiyeh in place. 

Above image credit: world-street.photography

TANK TOP: A short, sleeveless top with wide armholes. 

Above image credit: shop.lushfashionlounge.com

TANKINI: A two-piece swimsuit with the upper portion resembling a tank top. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

TANNING: A way of treating animal hides to prepare them for the manufacturing process. 

Above image credit: howtospendit.ft.com

TAPERING: A progressive narrowing. For instance, many ladies' fashions are tapered at the waistline.

Shown below, a tapered, sleeveless, form-fitting mini dress. 

Above image credit: e-dress.gr

TAPESTRY: A heavy, ornate textile, often used for wall art, carpets, and drapes, but sometimes used in cultural wearables such as Indian and Middle East Fashion designs, among others. 

Shown below, tapestry runway fashion designs by Dolce & Gabbana. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

TARLATAN: A thin muslin fabric sometimes used for making ball gowns. 

Shown below, a 19th century tarlatan gown. 

Above image credit: threadingthroughtime.wordpress.com

TARTAN: The traditional name for Scottish plaid fabric, typically made from wool. 

Above image credit: glamour.com

TASSEL: A hank of thin, twisted satin strands knotted at one end, often used as a hat decoration. 

Tassels also appear in certain Middle East fashion designs.

Shown below, a model graces the runway in an elegant tasseled black dress. 

Above image credit: blog.tiltonfenwick.com

TATTERSALL: A type of check design on fabric, of which many colorful varieties exist. 

Above image credit: cordings.co.uk

TEA LENGTH: A gown hemmed at the lower shin of the leg, about halfway between the knee and the ankle. 

above image credit: theiacouture.com

TEDDY: An item of ladies' lingerie, constructed somewhat like a one-piece swimsuit. 

above image credit: missguided.co.uk

TENCEL BRAND: A brand of synthetic fiber use for making garments, such as the maxi dress and camisole shown below. 

above image credit: indiesew.com

TENSILE TEST: A test that measures the stretch resistance of a fabric. 

above image credit: indiamart.com

TERRY CLOTH: An absorbent, loop-piled fabric, most often made from cotton or linen, typically used for making bathrobes, towels, and washcloths.

Shown below, a wearable bath towel that doubles as a dress. 

above image credit: dhgate.com

TEX SYSTEM: A system of calculating the linear density of textile fibers. 

above image credit: dhcollections.com

TEXTILE: Fabric, paper products, and other materials used for garment manufacturing.

As evidenced from the photos shown below, almost any material can be used for garment manufacturing. 

above image credit: glowsly.com

above image credit: Pinterest.com

above image credit: Pinterest.com

above image credit: dezeen.com 

TEXTURAL DETAILING: A graphic design on fabric that is created by texture alone. 

For extreme examples, see the wearable artworks shown below. 

above images: Pinterest.com

THAWB: A loose, ankle-length garment, typically with long sleeves, similar to a robe. Alternate spellings include thoub and thobe. 

The thawb is a staple of Middle East Fashion, as it is perfectly suitable for the warm climate of the Middle East. 

above image credit: dhgate.com



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