Nurse Resume Sample

Scroll down to print a free Nurse Resume Sample.

This page reveals a very straightforward approach to building your resume, with simple instructions included.

This resume is appropriate for healthcare professionals seeking employment as Nurses and other types of Medical Assistants.

Just follow the instructions outlined here, and type your resume on a word document.

Send it via email with a professional Cover Letter to twenty (or more) healthcare centers in your area. You can contact them directly through their websites, and also search for available jobs on craigslist.

Your cover letter should describe why you think you are the best candidate for the position.

Nurse Resume Sample

Centered at the top of the page should be your name, street address, email address and phone number, like this, for example:

Florence Nightingale

1234 Scotari Road

Medicine Lodge, KS 67104


Next, skip two spaces and type your profession, including your specific licensing level. For instance:








centered and capitalized, as shown.

Then skip two spaces and list your qualifications.

These will include any experience you have in the healthcare industry, and/or in clinically assisting others.

If you don't have any training or experience, you cannot actually be hired as a nurse. Nursing is a complex profession that requires (by law) a degree from an accredited nursing school.

However, while earning your nursing degree, you might consider landing an entry level position in a clinical environment, and work your way up to a full fledged Nursing career.

Here's how a list of qualifications might look on a professional Nursing Resume (align your qualifications to the left of the page):


(list each school like this, starting with your most recent educational experience)

Name of School

Area(s) of Study

Degree Earned, if any


(list each job like this, starting with your most recent position)

From-To Dates

Name of Business


Reason for Leaving

Employer Name / Employer Contact info


For a Nursing Resume, list everything relevant to working in a clinical or hospital setting, with a focus on patient care.

Applicable skills include sterilization, IV administration, catheter insertion, emergency medical care (including CPR), blood pressure readings, drawing blood, suctioning, surgical preparation, record keeping, and equipment maintenance, to name only a few. 

You can also list important personality traits like punctuality, reliability, alertness, and advanced interpersonal communication skills, for example. 

Near the bottom of the page, type

references available on request

in italics and aligned to the center.

Print a copy and carefully spell-check your completed Nurse Resume Sample. An error-free resume is crucial.

That's really all there is to creating a professional Nurse resume for employment at hospitals and clinical practices anywhere in America.

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Nurse Resume Sample Checklist

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