Palm Reading Chart
and Other Useful Visual Aids

This page links to a Palm Reading Chart, along with a nice selection of other free, colorful, printable charts and tables.

To use the material featured here, simply print out the pages from your home computer, following the easy instructions provided with each item. All you need is an ink jet or laser color printer and some paper.

To choose from a wide assortment of free printable worksheets, tattoo designs, clip art, coloring pages, horoscopes, lists and many more items, visit any of the links shown on this page.

Palm Reading Chart, Health Charts, Numeric Tables, and More

Educational Charts


This page features a convenient color wheel that shows how to easily mix pigments or combine textiles and fabrics. Use this chart to find out how to mix paint, or to learn which colors match best with which other colors.


Learn how to convert inches to centimeters, miles to kilometers, ounces to grams, dollars to pounds and other simple measurements that Americans can't seem to get the hang of. This conversions table eases the task for those of us not so good at math.


This page contains a typical traditional "times table" for anyone learning how to multiply one-digit and two-digit numbers. 

Health Charts

WEIGHT This page displays a healthy weight chart showing a range of acceptable weights for different heights and genders. The page also links to useful nutritional info for all kinds of food.

BLOOD SUGAR This handy link contains a very basic way to figure out if or not you should see a doctor about your blood sugar levels. Other nutritional info is also included here.

BLOOD PRESSURE This page is designed to help you evaluate your blood pressure measurments using a handy printable chart. Also find tips on how to keep blood pressure levels under control.

Esoteric Charts

PALM READING CHART This page has a classic esoteric diagram of a human hand, showing the general lines and indicating their associated meanings. This is the chart used by professional palmistry practitioners. Print one out and read a friend.

ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY CHART Find out who you really love. And who really loves you. But try not to take it too seriously.

Other Useful Links

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