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Pisces Poetry


by Ronald Stuart Thomas


Who said to the trout,

You shall die on Good Friday

To be food for a man

And his pretty lady?

It was I, said God,

Who formed the roses

In the delicate flesh

And the tooth that bruises


by Dan Stone


I must have been a witch at least one time,

a wise and crafty woman and a clever queen

with sunset hair and ocean eyes.

I think I may have danced for princes

using my bare feet, my silk scarves and satin palms

to cast a spell, to grant their wishes.

I think I may have died at sea,

some sort of poignant drowning

in a storm before a calm—

water water everywhere with no indication

that I burned, although I may have smoldered,

smoked, and started fires—some details

are no longer clear, some memories appear

as prayers, surprising meditations,

languages spoken in another land.

I think I might have been a sorceress,

a siren with a velvet voice,

sunning on a rock, seducing sailors,

pirates, kings, explorers . . .

answering their questions, offering them a choice

to dance or dream, to rule or serve.

I must have seemed a goddess in those lights,

an angel in the afternoon, a nymph at night.

I must have taken many down

without a single cut or bruise.

They must have all been willing—

fathers, sons, only brothers—to abandon

wives and quests and kingdoms for the sound

of my sweet singing, plaintive, pure.

I must have been their muse

and there must have been a reason

or a premonition ringing in our ancient ears,

a rationale for all that dying.

This compassion for the wounded

must surely ripple from a stone

skipped long ago across a lake.

I must have loved to give them joy

and then to take their hands in mine

and lead them, man and boy,

to islands somewhere off the map,

to gardens they would grow to love

but never find the strength to leave.

I must have married through the ages—

knights and pawns, priests and mages,

switching names, surviving losses,

waiting centuries to grieve.

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