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This page features the collected contemporary Poems of a throwback Poet. 

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More Poems By A Throwback Poet

Writer For Hire 

by Judee Shipman

I expertly enable them through burning evening hours 

Arranging them with edifying ease.

Words are helpless victims of my literary powers. 

My grammar is as proper as you please. 

My spelling’s even properer; Punctuation, too! 

Imaginative, metaphoric, timing…

I am doing what I love and I am loving what I do. 

On request, I will regurgitate it, rhyming. 

For you, I’ll write voraciously! Precision guaranteed! 

Create the greatest stories ever heard! 

I’ll grant your fondest wishes, and fulfill your every need! 

All this, for only twenty cents a word. 

I’ll even count the words precisely, just because I’m able 

(exceedingly attentive to detail) 

Stylistic flexibility lands offers on the table.

My sensual descriptions never fail. 

Words can open any door. Words adorn my shelves.

Words keep me financially afloat. 

“One hundred fifty words or more” (You stated it, Yourselves.) 

One hundred fifty words is what I wrote. 

The View From Here   

(a villanelle)   

by Judee Shipman

Across the prison window bars 

twinkling, turning, left and right — 

Fireflies Are Fallen Stars 

born to die in Mason jars 

while glad eyes gleam in grim delight!  

Across the prison window bars 

Dancing Christmas fairies are 

blinking in and out of sight — 

Fireflies are Fallen Stars 

to planet Earth from planet Mars 

scattered, as by oversight 

Across the prison window bars 

Eagerly, I scan the tar-

black, sequin-studded Summer Night

Fireflies are Fallen Stars 

vanishing like speeding cars — 

Beckoning my final flight 

Across the prison window bars. 

Fireflies Are Fallen Stars! 

Amor Aroma 

(A Palindrome Poem)

By Judee Shipman 

Wine Fire of Connoisseurs 

Fine are we, fit and Funky 

Lime minty — candy Skittles 

Pine of Splash — scented Skunky  


Skunky scented — splash of Pine 

Skittles candy — minty Lime 

Funky and fit, we are Fine 

Connoisseurs of Fire Wine 

Out To Old Saint Mary’s    

by Judee Shipman

dedicated to Walter Shipman

fashioned after 'Out to Old Aunt Mary's' by James Whitcomb Riley 

Wasn’t it pleasant, oh Father mine —

That San Francisco summer time 

in June, when rent was half past due

yet every dream could still come true 

We took a taxi — Me and You —

Out To Old Saint Mary’s? 

The trolley bells I hear today!

though time took you so far away —

Up California, toward the fane

We ride alongside the tracks again 

To worship Him, and hear His name

Out To Old Saint Mary’s. 

Deep within the church there stood

a priest who spoke of greater good — 

but colored glass would catch my eye

where men implore a Cobalt sky

and Psychedelic Angels fly 

Out To Old Saint Mary’s. 

Of all the words of tongue and pen —

by sinners, saints, and countrymen — 

by priests and prophets, live or dead —

in Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Red 

tinted Windows, more is said 

Out to Old Saint Mary’s.

Crimson — Turquoise — Amber — Jade —

reflections on the floor were made 

as sunlight lanced the leaden air

and colored the dust that floated there. 

Who could help but Stop! — And Stare?

Out To Old Saint Mary’s?  

A Joshua tree by an open door

where doves flew up the sides and o’er 

the Emerald leaves revealed to me —

Visions of Eternity 

The more I Looked was the more to See! 

Out To Old Saint Mary’s! 

Surrounding tight the darkened room  

Sunlit Soldiers conquered Doom  

An Angel came — A baby slept —

A Virgin held her Son and wept — 

In Windows, all are safely kept 

Out To Old Saint Mary’s. 

Dear sweet Dad, three years gone 

I'll Keep Calm and Carry On

(And angel fell to earth one time 

whispering "Tell All Souls To Come")

and All is well

Out to Old Saint Mary's. 

The You 

by Judee Shipman

If you say you have a Brain 

it must undoubtedly be true. 

As needed, you could safely say

you have a Body — too. 

But who’s this YOU that has these things? 

Have you any Clue?

I call this pilot entity

The You That Knows You’re You.’ 

The Adjournment 

(A Sestina)

by Judee Shipman

A colorblind explorer trips the light 

fantastic — five a.m. with Black to move —

Sinking to the depths of the square 

metal bed in a rented room. He'll check 

out by noon, if he's still in one piece... 

Eyes perceive light before dark 

In the mind, it's reversed — from the dark-

est hollow comes a splash of white light 

blazing angular trails — uniting all the pieces 

in its path. Bobby Fischer, Move

Over! Then, comes the reality check

Mistaken, he stares at the squares 

On the ceiling as visions of square 

dancing soldiers float by. He's a Dark 

Horse at heart. He rises to check 

the door latch, switches off the light

travels through space, time, and key moves.

Battles for the center. Wars are won piece

by piece, and the ill-fated pieces 

have minds of their own. The squares 

are their homes, but they move 

on command, by the forces of Dark 

against Light. The Light 

would prevail in a perfect world, but check 

the Facts: Only One thing is perfect — Check 

Mate! No friendly post-mortem piece 

of advice will suffice when salvation is light

years past. The effort is Misery Squared 

when Victory shields her face and dark

daunting shadows of defeat move 

grown men to tears. One false move 

and it's up-all-night-cross-check-

ing-analysis again, seeking the Dark 

Star, pausing only to pick up the pieces 

of a World so fair and square —

so black and white. Pigeons alight 

on the ledge. The move! He sacs a piece 

and double checks the ceiling squares 

as darkness resigns to morning light. 

Empty Nest 

by Judee Shipman

If Hope is a “thing with feathers” —

then “Joy” must be setting her free. 

The farther away she travels 

the stronger I need to be. 

The higher to Heaven she flutters 

the nearer she is to Thee. 

Yet, if I allow her autonomous power 

she visits — Occasionally. 

My Own Best Friend 

by Judee Shipman

I live alone

I work at Home

I'm on my own 

I like it fine

What makes you think 

I need a drink?

I'm tickled pink!

My time is mine 

I simmer down 

I sit around 

I traipse the Town 

at Dinnertime 

Drink to my Health!

I count my Wealth

as Candles melt

upon the Mind.

Celtic Cross 

by Judee Shipman

The 10 of Cups is Happiness 

The 10 of Swords — Despair 

The Emperor 

Sweet Temperance 

and Pentacles appear 

Strength walks the Lion like a dog 

as Justice lifts the Scale 

The Knight of Wands 

Shall carry on 

The Priestess will prevail 

Death is merely Transformation 

The Devil — earthly greed 

The Hanging Man

can lend a hand

His Faith is guaranteed 

The Empress is Mother Earth

The Chariot will travel 

The Sun attains

begotten gains 

The Tower is of Babel 

Pages bring the messages 

Psychic Moon can see beyond 

The Fool may fall

The World is All

Magician wields a magic wand

Fortune is that spinning Wheel 

The Hermit stands alone 

The Queen of Cups 

must hurry up! 

The Hierophant is Home. 

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