Poetry Of A Throwback Poet

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This page features the collected contemporary Poetry of a Throwback Poet. 

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I hope you enjoy these Poems, because you might be the only one here. 

Poetry By A Throwback Poet

American Spirit

by Judee Shipman

Transcend the transcendental 

Disintegrate the wall 

Exceed the Outer Limits 

Encircling the All 

Expect the Unexpected  

Acknowledge the Surprise 

As sure as Annie's shootin'

The Universe replies.

5 Ways Of Looking At A Parrot 

by Judee Shipman

(fashioned after Wallace Stevens) 


Piercing squawks of equal pitch and tone

Paused — Repeated twice 

My Parrot sings the shower scene from Psycho.


The Parrot makes my hand his bed

I hold four fire-Yellow, Red,

and Orange Ounces of October in Vermont


The tapered toes on Parrot feet

are sharpened twigs — two before and two behind

climb iron bars for lack of branches 


Chip Chip Ipp Ipp Dip Dip Daa!

The Parrot squeals — I understand 

My Blackbird knows his Jabberwock 


Chip Chip Chip Chip Cha Cha Cha!

was my odd reply — Clever pet am I! 

I speak wild Parrot 

Her Beautiful Mind 

(dedicated to Joey Martin) 

by Judee Shipman

Contemplate my dereliction — 

Turn my being inside out —

Tantalize me with my fortune! 

Tell me what I’m all about —

Diagnose my grave affliction

many years before I know it —

Separate my Fact from Fiction

If you See it — I will Show it!  

Share with me a hidden Secret 

even I could not have guessed —

but when you do, you’d better keep it 

’til you reach your final Rest. 

My Soulmate is the President?

A Poet brings me Fame?

On the Rez, there lives a Rezident

who Prophecied the same!

How does Nothing come between us 

but the screen on my TV? 

Witchy Woman! Psychic Genius!

Mapping Out Our Destinies! 

When you Saw — as in a movie — 

Tragedy you had to face 

Forward flew your finest features 

Courage — Faith — Amazing Grace 

Every word you spoke came true

As my death was drawing near

That was when — for Me and You

Crazy Horse Appeared

You stole Home while I remained

to do as you so well explained

Mansions on the Western Plains?

What a sweet idea!

Your Clairvoyance made me nervous

You, I would have Loved to meet. 

Thank You For Your Sacred Service! 

You have made my Life complete. 

Virtual Vacation  

by Judee Shipman

Anywhere by satellite 

I can haply go 

Sooner than the swiftest

earthly traveler you know!

No grueling hours on the road

No endless, winding lines 

to span the world’s coordinates

in record breaking time! 

No packing is required

No cash I need to borrow 

to visit Asia for today —

Americas, tomorrow 

The waters of New Zealand

are impossibly Cyan —

Moments later

Venezuela’s Caribbean sand 

Now glaciers in Antarctica —

Now African savannah — 

 Now islands of Hawaii —

Now mountains in Montana 

Peg Man is a trippy yellow

travel-friendly little fellow

dragged and dropped upon the streets

of sunny Monticello!

Once, I tapped the town I’m from —

the neighborhoods I roamed 

Then jumped above the Moon and spun

the planet I call Home. 

No crowds — No hassle — No delays —

I always get there first

to while away my rainy days

exploring ‘Google Earth.’ 

The Giant On Whose Shoulders They Stand 

by Judee Shipman

Kahlo was a Cubist

Picasso was Abstract 

Rembrandt was a Realist 

DaVinci was exact 

But Mr. Michelangelo

Poet — Sculptor — Painter —

Every piece a Masterpiece 

of Renaissance Import 

Pollack was the messiest 

worshipping the Splatter 

Vincent — the Impressionist — 

was madder than a hatter 

But Mr. Michelangelo 

was Architect — Inventor — 

King of Reawakening!

Darling of the Court!  

An Atlas of the Arts was he 

A Visual Apollo  

His mind — a color-coded Key 

for which the Angels fought  

Dali pictured dripping clocks

Warhol did Monroe

Gustav Klimt revealed 'The Kiss'

But Michelangelo 

Relying on his Intellect 

spawned epic themes and battles 

needing nothing but his Brushes

and a Ladder — and a Thought. 

Lone Wolf 

by Judee Shipman

A Lone Wolf is not lonely —

if the Wolf is Lone by choice

(I wouldn’t trade Alone for any treasure)

Freed from need to see a soul or hear a human voice

(Being — of itself — knows perfect pleasure) 

The wolf strikes — from a mountaintop —

an Independent pose 

not knowing why — or even how — to share 

Summer breezes bringing forth the fragrance of the Rose  

Great, yawning, vast Infinities of Air 

Imagination travels at the speed of light —

and faster! 

(Curiosity is at the core)

You can keep your palaces of Gold and Alabaster 

My little room is World enough — and More.  

Full Circle On The Squares 

by Judee Shipman

Soldiers of the bloodless battlefield —

Prepare to fight!

Caissa's children call — and sing the blues —

in Black and White 

I state my case before the Queen:

"I cannot — Will not — kill!" 

Speaking plainly back at me, she says

"You Can — and Will" 

A stately King beside his Castle

stands on shaky ground.

Horses canter madly on command!

A Bishop frowns. 

Win or lose the battle,

when a hand arrests the clock

The Kings and all their men fall dead

into a cedar box 

I've boxed and counted corpses

that would span the checkered miles 

but amid my sleeping Horses — upside down —

a Bishop smiles. 

It knows a certain secret

of the lives of wooden men

who Live, and Play, and Die —

then Resurrect — and Play again. 

Soldiers of the bloodless battlefield —

Prepare to fight!

Still Life In Marin 

by Judee Shipman

A window lattice paints the porch

in sunny parallelograms 

as Hummingbirds converge upon

the bottlebrush. The Cat 

Attacks its shadow — Shadow wins 

again, then curls about the Cat 

among the geometric shapes

of early afternoon

A sweet perfume of sourdough,

cilantro, garlic, oleander, 

cattle, skunk, and roses rides

the notion of a breeze.

The only sound — the shushing 

of the leaves' soft hands applauding 

as an ocean — or the whispers 

of the Spirits

of the Dead 

Almost Dusk 

by Judee Shipman

I have a favorite time of day 

when sunlight tilts in such a way

The air is golden — saffron broth — 

or Honey-coated Summer hay 

Cozy fragrant cushioned warmth 

Washes Amber over earth 

Something in the atmosphere 

Evokes serene and silent mirth 

Muted sounds delight the ear —

A saxophone I hardly hear

Helicopter, hovering near

California's coast is clear 


by Judee Shipman

Rocky Roads — Break of Dawn 

Badland Canyon changing form 

Every time there comes the Rain 

Nature’s Artwork gets reborn 

Jagged Rocks adorn the Plains 

Hallucinations rock my Brain 

Fashioned by some willful Hand 

Faces! Babies! Battles! Trains! 

The Rock that rocks a rainbow band 

Of many colored types of sand 

Is softer than a Rock should get

For reasons I don't understand 

My thirst for Thought not quenched quite yet

On every blowing breeze I bet 

That they could also spot those three

Beheaded Horsemen I detect 

Is God an Artist? You tell me.

His sculptures carve themselves for Free 

I only wish to stop and see 

His muddy Mountains' Majesty! 

Poetic Correspondences

Txt Msg To Chess Master Elliot Winslow

Hello, Ello, Mellow Fellow

How does your day go?

It's not so much u Play 2 fast

It's just u Win 2 slow 

To My Nephew, The Chemistry Major Who Invented Triple-Powered Dynamite

The son of a fella named Joseph

dreamed up a new kind of exploseph

that — given the power —

blew up in an hour

What used to take hours to blowseph!

Valentines Day Couplet For A Contest I Did Not Win:

My luv is like a red, red rose

But rashes clear up, I suppose. 

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