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This page (and the links below) feature free Printable Tarot Cards.

Contained here is a full, 78-card, traditional tarot deck known as the J-Tarot.

Scroll down to see the first 56 cards in the deck.

These 56 cards are collectively known as the "Minor Arcana." They represent real-world events.

The remaining 22 cards are known as the "Major Arcana." They describe vices, virtues and spiritual realities.

Sixteen cards in the deck are called "Court cards," and usually refer to actual people. The four types of court cards (also known as face cards) are Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The tarot's Minor Arcana is divided into four suits, most often symbolized by Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles.

Generally speaking, Cups represent emotional matters, Wands represent creativity, Swords represent intellect, and Pentacles address material concerns.

To print this originally designed deck of Tarot Cards for your own personal use, just right click on each of the images below and select a SAVE option from your drop down menu. This will save the image to your picture file. From there you can adjust the margins, reduce or enlarge the images, or maybe even add color to the design.

Here are some esoteric rules of thumb:

The colors most often associated with the suit of cups are light blue, pale green and silver.

The colors for the suit of wands are primarily yellow, orange, red, and gold.

The colors representing the suit of swords include dark blue, deep red, silver, and gray.

For pentacles, best colors are browns, deep greens, and gold.

More Free Printable Tarot Cards

If you print these cards on ordinary printer paper, you can "shuffle" them by laying them face down on a table and mixing them around with your hands. Then stack them back together and deal a spread.

This ultra-simplified tarot deck is designed exclusively for This design is known to produce more successful readings than other tarot decks, as the minimalist design of this deck reduces distractions, improves mental clarity, and allows the card reader to think more freely.

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