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Here's a list of Printable Trivia questions.  These questions are broken up into categories, so pick your favorite category and take a 20-questions quiz.  Or challenge yourself to answer them all. 

To take this quiz, read each question and write down your answer on a piece of paper before clicking the link.  Then read the answer and put a check mark next to your answer IF your answer was correct. 

Then hit your browser's back button and try another question.  If you try to answer 20 questions, score five points per check mark.  If you answer ten, each check is worth ten points.  Add up your total score at the end. 

To print these printable trivia questions, simply click and drag your mouse down the page and print the selected area from your drop-down menu. This trivia quiz reaches an adult level of difficulty, but kids are welcome to try it too.  None of these are trick questions, but some are harder than others.

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Clickable, Printable Trivia Questions


1.  What are the four largest (in population size) cities in Texas?

2.  Which U.S. city has neighborhoods called Glen Park, Noe Valley and Nob Hill?

3.  Which five U.S. states border the state of Georgia?

4.  Which five U.S. states border the state of West Virginia?

5. Which of the following cities in Alaska is located furthest north - Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau?

6. Which of the following cities in Utah is located nearest to the Great Salt Lake - Ogden, Park City or Provo?

7. Which U.S. state has more farmland than any other state?

8. Which U.S. state has more natural energy resources than any other U.S. state?

9. Which U.S. state produces more blueberries than any other U.S. state? 

10.  Which U.S. states is home to more public libraries than any other state?

11.  Which U.S. state has cities called Aberdeen, Brookings and Keystone?

12.  Which U.S. state is bordered by only one other U.S. state?

13. Which U.S. city has a larger population than any other U.S. city besides New York?

14. In which hemisphere is the United States located?

15. Which U.S. state has more Zip Codes than any other U.S. state?

16. Which U.S. state has more Indian Reservations than any other U.S. state? 

17. The Appalachian Trail begins and ends in which two U.S. states?

18. Which U.S. state is home to an average of about 27 people per square mile?

19. Which three U.S. states provide the best opportunities for whale watching?

20.  Which U.S. state produces more diamonds than any other U.S. state?


1.  In what U.S. state is America's tallest building?

2.  In which U.S. state is America's deepest lake?

3.  In what state is the World's tallest roller coaster?

4.  Which player's likeness appears on the most valuable baseball card of all time?

5.  Which U.S. city forbids all motor vehicles within its boundaries?

6. Which famous American songwriter penned the following lyrics? 

From a town known as Wheeling West Virginia

Rode a boy with a 6 gun in his hand

And his daring life of crime

Made him a legend in his time

East and West of the Rio Grande

7.  What kind of flower officially symbolizes the United States? 

8. What flower is the most searched for type of flower on the internet?

9. What is the tallest type of tree on earth?

10.  Which U.S. state flag depicts a big red X on a background of solid white? 

11.  What is the opposite of the color Blue?

12.  Which piece is never captured in a game of chess?

13.  How many cards are in a standard, traditional tarot deck?

14.  What colors appear in the flag of the Cherokee Nation?

15.  Name three noteworthy events that happened on Christmas.

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