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Below you will find shape puzzles, word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles, Tangram puzzles, maze puzzles, and more. 

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Shown above: A honeycomb word puzzle.

Simply use connected letters to spell words. Whoever spells the most words (or the longest word) wins. 

For example, the four hexagon shaped boxes on the upper right (when read from the bottom up) spell the word "THIN," as each letter is connected to the next letter by one side of a hexagon. 

Of course, you can make up your own rules to this word puzzle as needed. 

To print any of the images shown on this page, just right click your favorite Puzzle Game, and select a SAVE option from your drop down menu.

This will send the image to your picture file. From there you can reduce or enlarge it and adjust the page margins as needed. 

Check back often, as a new Puzzle Game ideas are being added all the time to our ever-growing Puzzle Game collection. 

More Kids Puzzle Game Challenges 

Above: Cut out the correct circular shapes, and fit them into the picture where they belong. 


Above: Cut out the pieces at the bottom of this puzzle, and fit them into their correct spaces. 


Above: Match the colors to solve this Butterfly picture puzzle. 


Above: Can You solve this Star puzzle? Cut out the pieces and give it try! 

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Above: Find the differences between these two pictures. 

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Above: Find 7 Differences here 

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Above: Puzzle Game coloring challenge 

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Above: Pictorial Crossword Puzzle for beginner solvers

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Above: Well... CAN You? 

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