Top 10 Free Printable Puzzle Games On The Internet


Scroll down for assorted Free Printable Puzzle Games. 

Below you will find free printable shape puzzles, word puzzles, math puzzles, logic puzzles, Tangram puzzles, labyrinth (maze) puzzles, and more. 

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Shown above: A printable maze puzzle, with the answer key provided. Can you help the turtle find the fish so the turtle can eat his lunch? The fish hopes not! 

Another maze puzzle is shown below. 

To print any of the images shown on this page, just right click your favorite Puzzle Games, and select a SAVE option from your drop down menu.

This will send the image to your picture file. From there you can reduce or enlarge it and adjust the page margins as needed. 

Check back often, as new Puzzle Games are being added all the time to our ever-growing collection of Free Printable Puzzle Games. 

More Top 10 Puzzle Games 

Above: Can you help this butterfly find that flower? No peeking! 


Above: A popular shape Puzzle that requires logical thinking to solve.


Above: A Free printable, traditional 7-piece Tangram puzzle. Print it, color it any way you like, then cut out the shapes and start solving!  


Above: Tangram puzzle games —25 solution silhouettes made from a traditional 7-piece Tangram puzzle. 

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Above: Did you know that more than 6,500 recognizable shapes can be formed from a traditional 7-piece Tangram puzzle? It's true. Six examples are the letters shown above.  

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Above: Codebreaker Word Puzzle #1 

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Above: Codebreaker word puzzle #2 

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Above: Color by numbers puzzle for advanced colorers.

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Above: Very advanced color by numbers puzzle for adults 

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