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Among the most fun Reading Games for Kids is discovering words that rhyme.  

Scroll down for an original, contemporary retelling of one of Aesop's Fables in the form of rhyming verse: 

The Boy and the Filberts is a moral story about a boy who gets his hand stuck in a jar of nuts, because he tries to take too many.

Younger kids can try to find the most rhymes for a chosen word.  Older kids can try to create their own rhymes from other short stories.  

Scroll down to see the Top Five Reading Games for Kids.

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reading games for kids reading games for kids 

reading games for kids reading games for kids reading games for kids 

The Boy and the Filberts   by Aesop and Judee Shipman

A boy put his hand in a jarful of nuts

(They were Filberts – his favorite kind)

And clutched as many as a hand could hold

Then found himself in a bind.

He counted the nuts in his hand in the jar,

So many he couldn't believe it.

He wanted to eat every one of those nuts

But his hand, he couldn't retrieve it,

For a handful of Filberts and the neck of a jar

Are not a good fit for each other.

Try as he might, he could not break free.

So the little boy screamed for his mother.

“Take half that many,” his mother said,

“And your hand will escape from the jar.

As soon as you learn to settle for less,

You can always go back for more.”

Moral: When a burden outweighs you, make two trips.


Top 5 Reading Games for Kids

The following Reading Games for Kids can produce some wonderfully creative results.

Reading Bingo - Play BINGO using words instead of numbers.  

Mark any words that rhyme with the chosen word.

Rhyme Teams - Divide players into teams, and have the teams take turns calling out a word, to which the other team has 10 seconds to shout out words that rhyme with it.  

Whichever team comes up with the most rhymes wins that round.

Rhyme Poker - Play poker using cards with words printed on them.  One word per card.  The object is to find rhymes.  

Deal each player 5 cards, allow 1 or 2 rounds of exchanges, then have players show their cards.  

The same rules apply as in ordinary poker.  For example, if you have 3 rhyming word cards, it's Three of a Kind.  If you also have a pair of words that rhyme, that would be a Full House.

Rhyme Scavenger Hunt - Write a word on each slip of paper, with words that rhyme with it (as well as words that don't) on other slips of paper.  Hide all the words except one, which stays hidden.  Send the kids hunting for rhymes.  

Whoever finds the most rhymes wins.

Race Against Rhyme - Have all players write as many rhyming words as they can think of within a set time limit.  

The player with the most rhymes wins.

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Told in the Drooling Ward, by Jack London

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