by Judee Shipman



Realtor Real Estate is an especially smart investment, mainly because all of us will always need a roof over our heads, and also because it is just smarter and less stressful to deal with a Realtor than with a homeowner. 

As the old saying goes, the best investment on earth is earth.

Real estate is almost always a good investment. Whether short or long term, for many of us, creature comforts are a non negotiable part of the deal.

The best part is that you can occupy your own investment. This will eventually amount to having lived rent free. 

Since you will not have your investment money ready for another two years, you can spend the time until then fantasizing about your dream home at websites such as Craigslist, Zillow, and Realtor (dot com). You can even access the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) website directly. 

From these sites you can learn a lot about properties, location, market rates, and pricing. This is the best free way to study real estate.

You might be surprised how addictive this activity can become. In two years, you should have a pretty good idea of which properties you want to invest in, and why. 

Investing in Realtor Real Estate is much safer than buying a home directly from the owner. So if you have your eye on a home that is listed by the seller, bring a Realtor real estate agent along with you to answer any questions you may have. 

Here are 12 general guidelines for those who are new to making money in the Realtor real estate market: 

  1. As mentioned above, visit several Realtor real estate websites and do many dozen searches. If you don’t like doing this, you might want to reconsider your investment choice. Better to invest in something that interests you.  
  2. Write down any questions that occur to you. 
  3. Call Realtor real estate agents to inquire about properties that interest you. 
  4. Always ask the agent about the condition of the property. They are required by law to disclose any and all property defects. 
  5. Ask agents about bank owned homes, also known as REO (real estate owned) properties. With a touch of luck, you can score a sweet deal this way. Many homes on the market are foreclosures. In general, banks are far more eager to get rid of houses than homeowners are. 
  6. Ask agents about property taxes, HOA dues, and if or not there are any hidden fees associated with each property. For example, one eBay listing advertised a house for $500. It was a reasonable looking house in a decent, small-town neighborhood. It seemed like it might be worth $20,000 or more. As it turned out, the city was owed $28,000 in back property taxes, and was on the verge of repossessing the house. Anyone who bought that house for $500 was instantly screwed, as the financial responsibility belongs to the owner. As much as we all hate that tired old cliché - If something seems too good to be true, it probably is - the saying is true, whether we like it or not. 
  7. Call several building contractors in your area and obtain free quotes on various types of property maintenance and building repair. Just say you are thinking about buying a house. Doing this will keep you updated on home maintenance costs in general. 
  8. Visit some of the properties you searched, careful not to disturb the tenants. 
  9. Compare home prices, paying close attention to the price per square foot of each property. 
  10. Check neighborhoods for walkability, public transportation, and other desirable features. 
  11. Compare neighborhood demographics at websites such as moving .com and best places .net. 
  12. Do a google search of images to see what neighborhoods really look like. Also check out Google earth and Google maps.  


A website costs about $300 an year to maintain, if you build it and do all the work yourself. A well built website with strategically placed google ads should eventually earn you hundreds of dollars every month at least, even of your website has no other money-making features.

Shop around for all-inclusive, DIY website design packages. Site Build It (SBI) and Wordpress are highly recommended.  

You don’t have to know anything about building websites to get started. Many web design packages (such a SBI) come with full instructions and 24/7 email support. 

It could take two years to turn a profit, but after that you will have a steady monthly income from your google ads, plus a platform for your business. 

Alternatively, some web investors buy and sell websites, as opposed to building their own. These entrepreneurs are especially gifted at evaluating businesses. 


If investing in precious metals is your thing, silver and gold are fairly safe bets. Just remember there is no guarantee. But if you do invest in gold and silver, buy minted coins, as opposed to gold or silver “bars.” The coins are harder to counterfeit, and therefore easier to sell. The bars would have to be tested for purity. This is why silver coins have better resale value than silver bars.

Whichever metals (or gems) you decide to invest in, you can go online any time and look up the current value per ounce.  



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