All Purpose Receipt Template Collection

This page features a Sales Receipt Template, another template for cash receipts, a receipt specifically designed for services rendered, and a standard rent receipt for tenants and landlords.

These templates are Free, printable, and suitable for most business transactions. 

To print any of these images, just click on any one of them, and select a SAVE option from your drop down menu.

This will send the image to your picture file, where you can reduce or enlarge it, and adjust the margins as needed. 

Scroll down to see links to other business forms. 

Resume Formats, Resume Samples, Tax Forms, and more are all available here


Shown below is a copy of a Sales Receipt that is suitable for virtually all retail transactions. 


Shown below is a standard cash receipt template. Print one out and make copies to use in your retail business, or any time you are doing business when money changes hands. 



Shown below is a standard, generic Invoice Template for any type of services rendered, whether for an individual or for a company. 

Keep close track of your hours worked, and all money that is owed for your services. 



Shown below is a generic rent receipt, suitable to be used by tenants and landlords. 


Shown below is a tax receipt for donations made during any tax year.

This receipt details the amount of the donation, the charitable organization to which the donation was made, the tax eligible amount of the gift, the date, and several other important facts so you can keep close track of your finances.

Many donations can be used as tax write offs, and this should please you more than just a little during tax season. 



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