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by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne


So it has come to this, reading the future

in small boxes of text, in the Evening Herald

seeking predictions in lines of small font

seeking patterns and clutching at worn straws

Venus, where are you? I need some love

all we Scorpios get are dire warnings and sex

Mercury in retrograde and dark strangers

and ring this number for more information

I read and sigh, at the very same time

mentally berating the fools who believe

in this easy manipulation of our hopes

and peddling of chances, coming soon, tomorrow.

And yet, and yet I still read them, still frown

if they predict a cross and tiresome day ahead;

and smile in guilty relief when they promise

love and money and letters from old friends.

And I quite like the Scorpio profile

sultry and sensual and deeply and psychic

I'd sooner be the stinger than the Virgin

or the fish or the ram, or two-faced twins

So I turn, involuntarily, to the page of print

where the letters and the stars sidle together

and glance, just glance, at the latest revelations

from the mage that is the features editor.

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