Short Cute Love Poems
For Him And Her


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My Love Runs Like a Day in June

by Dorothy Parker


My love runs by like a day in June,

And he makes no friends of sorrows.

He'll tread his galloping rigadoon

In the pathway of the morrows.

He'll live his days where the sunbeams start,

Nor could storm or wind uproot him.

My own dear love, he is all my heart,

And I wish somebody'd shoot him.

The Valse

by Paul Laurence Dunbar


When to sweet music my lady is dancing

My heart to mild frenzy her beauty inspires.

Into my face are her brown eyes a-glancing,

And swift my whole frame thrills with tremulous fires.

Dance, lady, dance, for the moments are fleeting,

Pause not to place yon refractory curl;

Life is for love and the night is for sweeting;

Dreamily, joyously, circle and whirl.

Oh, how those viols are throbbing and pleading!

A prayer is scarce needed in sound of their strain.

Surely and lightly as round you are speeding,

You turn to confusion my heart and my brain.

Dance, lady, dance to the viol's soft calling,

Skip it and trip it as light as the air;

Dance, for the moments like rose leaves are falling,

Strikes, now, the clock from its place on the stair.

Now sinks the melody lower and lower,

The weary musicians scarce seeming to play.

Ah, love, your steps now are slower and slower,

The smile on your face is more sad and less gay.

Dance, lady, dance to the brink of our parting,

My heart and your step must not fail to be light.

Dance! Just a turn--tho' the tear-drop be starting.

Ah--now it is done--so--my lady, good-night!

A Guy's Job

by Emanuel Udrija


A guy sticks his location,

In a girl's destination,

To increase the population,

For the next generation.

Do you get my explanation?

Or do you need a demonstration?

Words From Husband to Wife

by Lance Gordon


I am enamored by your beauty

by the way you're tanned of color.

I just sit awe fully astonished

as you cast light into the night.

I wonder if obscurity has attached upon my vision

because your body is untouched of a blemish.

I have trouble possessing time

all day is not enough with you.

I stand and cast my ears to listen

as your vocals are that of a bird.

I stand back and survey you sitting

admiring your steadfast posture.

I am amazed at .....

Oh! Good morning, honey!

I was just thinking about my car.

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