Lowland And Silverback Gorilla Photos & Facts

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What Is A Silverback Gorilla? 

Essentially, a Silverback is a mature male Mountain Gorilla. 

Primate scientists classify Gorillas as infants until they are about three years old. 

After that, male adult Gorillas are classified as "Blackbacks" until they are about 12 years old.

This is when Gorillas start to form a silver section of hair along their backs. 

These Gorillas are called Silverbacks from that time forward. 

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  1. The life span of a healthy Silverback Gorilla is about 45-50 years. 
  2. Gorillas are gentle by nature, and are Vegetarians. 
  3. Gorillas can be taught to communicate with humans using sign language. 
  4. Most Gorillas thrive only in their natural habitats, and normally should Not be kept as pets. 
  5. The Gorilla's only predators are evil Human Beings. 
  6. In nature, Gorillas only exist in Central and Western Africa. 
  7. Gorillas are a critically endangered species. Mountain Gorillas are the Rarest Apes on earth. 
  8. Gorillas are classified among the "Great Apes" 
  9. Great Apes are basically Apes without tails. 
  10. The only other creatures classified among the Great Apes are Chimps, Orangutans, and Humans. 

Male Gorillas pound their chests to attract female Gorillas.

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Even without sign language, primate researchers in African jungles have recognized dozens of different vocalizations from Gorillas in the wild. 

Just like humans, Gorillas have a need to Communicate. They even display basic hand signs to each other. 

In nature, male Gorillas solve conflicts with displays, rather than physical violence. Gorillas rarely physically fight with each other. 

Gorilla families travel in groups of 6 to 8 individuals, with the Silverback (older male) leading them. 

The Silverback makes decisions for the rest of the family, such as where they will travel, what they will eat, and where they will sleep. 

Adult female gorillas typically have one baby every 4 years. 

It was always known to primate researchers that Gorillas are high intelligent beings. They have even been known to make and use tools in the wild. 

Not only that, but MY Research has shown  

The Average Gorilla is SMARTER than Most Americans. 

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Above: Two Western Lowland Gorillas with their newborn at the Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Wild Lowland Gorillas inhabit parts of West Africa, such as Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Cameroon. 

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Above: A small family of Mountain Gorillas

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The differences between Mountain Gorillas and Lowland Gorillas are subtle, yet distinct. 

The Mountain Gorilla is larger, with longer, darker hair and shorter arms than the Lowland Gorilla. 

Mountain Gorillas can only survive in high altitudes. 

Both types of Gorillas are critically endangered, but  Mountain Gorillas are even more at risk of extinction than their lowland cousins.  

Above: A Western Lowland Gorilla

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In summary,

Gorillas are sweet, peaceful, harmless, human-like creatures who are not afraid of humans anymore. 

But they are completely defenseless, and can't even speak for themselves. 

That's why the Silverback Gorilla population, along with their Western Lowland cousins, will now have permanent assistance from the Gorilla Police.

The Gorilla Police is an Army of Civilian Soldiers, Dedicated ONLY to the Protection of our most gentle Friends. 

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