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Here's how to make a Simplicity Patterns tunic dress.  

This printable gift is perfect for anyone with a burgeoning passion for fashion!

It's a cool, classy, wearable fashion pattern that is easy to make and looks fantastic. This design is elegantly simple, original, and versatile. 

To use the material featured here, simply right-click on the images and/or highlight the text. Then print out the pages on your home computer and follow the easy directions provided.

To create a classy, low-maintenance gift for your favorite fashion enthusiast, roll up the pattern like a scroll and tie it with a ribbon. Then place the pattern in a little sewing basket along with findings, notions, thimbles, brightly colored fabric swatches, and other small, sewing-related items.

Simplicity Patterns - Tunic Dress

Step 1:

Cut out two rectangular pieces of your chosen fabric. Both pieces must be of equal size.

The width is the wearer's hip measurement, plus two inches for a snug fit, or plus four inches for a comfy fit. 

The height is the measurement from top of the wearer's bra cup to the desired leg length, plus another three-and-a-half inches. 

Step 2:

Turn both pieces "wrong" side up.

Fold the bottom edge of each piece up one inch and iron it.

Then sew it in place. This is to make the hem of the dress. 

Step 3:

Flip the pieces over right-side-up.

Fold a half inch down from the top. Pin it and iron it in place. 

Then fold the top two inches. Iron and pin it in place.

Step 4:

Sew the folded strip all the way across as shown. Less experienced dress makers can sew down each side, which is slightly easier.

Step 5:

Place the two pieces exactly overlapping, inside-out. Sew each long side all the way from top to bottom, about a quarter inch from the edge.

Step 6:

Put the dress on the wearer, or on a dress form of the same measurements. If you put the dress on yourself, stand before a mirror. 

Using a clasp, bunch the top of the dress toward the center until it fits snugly around your chest.

Using a fabric marker, Mark the part of the dress where the clasps should go.

Remove the dress and sew the clasps as shown by the marks.

The finished product might look something like the dress shown below.

above image:

OPTIONAL: You can add straps to this design by measuring the top of the dress from front to back over your shoulder, then add two inches. Cut the measured length and desired thickness and sew the straps onto the top front and back of the dress.


For a cute summery top, simply revise step one so the length is shorter.

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