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This page features a compelling collection of free printable Scorpio clipart designs, for artistic and personal use.

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Clip art, in the graphic arts, refers to the creation of pre-made images, which can be used to illustrate any medium.

Today, clip art is used extensively in both personal and commercial projects.

To print any of the images you see here, just right click on the chosen image and select a SAVE option from your drop-down menu. This will send the chosen image to your picture file. From there you can adjust the margins and reduce or enlarge the images as needed for best printed results. 

Use these images to adorn your correspondence, design a logo, decorate artwork, enhance a scrap book, and for practically any other purpose you can imagine. 

Famous writers born under the sign of Scorpio include Truman Capote, Dylan Thomas, Ezra Pound, Sylvia Plath, Robert Louis Stevenson and Kurt Vonnegut.

Famous musical performers born under the sign of Scorpio include Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel and Neil Young.

Famous sports figures born under the sign of Scorpio include Charles Atlas (body builder), Nadia Comaneci (gymnast) and Roy Campanella.

Famous actors born under the sign of Scorpio include Roseanne Barr, Sarah Bernhart (born 1844), Johnny Carson, John Cleese, Jackie Coogan, Richard Dreyfuss, Burt Lancaster, Winona Ryder and Jonathan Winters.

Listed among the world's most famous Scorpio personalities are Marie Curie (scientist), Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Billy Graham (religious leader), Pablo Picasso (painter), Auguste Rodin (sculptor), Theodore Roosevelt (U.S. President), Carl Sagan (scientist), and Jonas Salk (scientist).

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