Tarot Card Meanings
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This page features a list of tarot cards and suits, with brief notes on their meanings. 


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Tarot Card Meanings

SUITS of the Traditional Tarot Deck


Cups - Emotions, fluid movement.

Wands:  Creative force, swift movment.

Swords:  Intellect; Conflict; Interaction.

Pentacles:  Money and earthly concerns.  




Ace - Beginnings

Two - couplings and partnerships, coordination, yin and yang

Three - products of creative energy

Four - stability, strong foundations, bright-looking futures

Five - communication and/or conflict

Six - balance, harmony

Seven - dreams, fantasy, imagination

Eight - lasting support, sturdy structure, a job well done

Nine - concentrated energy, excitement

Ten - power, completion, competence, security

A Page can indicate a young person or it can signify the delivery of a message.

Knights frequently denote energetic young men.

Queens often signify mature or important women.

Kings can represent mature men, accomplished men or men who are in control of a situation. 



0 -  Fool - Uncharted territory, abundance of possibilities, inexperience

1 -  Magician - Physical manifestation of spiritual power

2 -  High Priestess - Psychic, guiding power

3 -  Empress - Mother Earth, child bearer, female caretaker

4 -  Emperor - Overseer, independence

5 -  Hierophant - teaching, learning, sacred marriage

6 -  Lovers - decisions, relationships

7 -  Chariot - travel, success

8 -  Strength - courage, determination, strong character

9 -  Hermit - Loner, independent learner

10 - Wheel of Fortune - Twists of Fate

11 - Justice - Intellectual Karma

12 - Hanged Man - voluntary suspension

13 - Transition - leaving one phase to enter another

14 - Temperance - emotional balance

15 - Devil - Material desires

16 - Tower - Rude awakenings

17 - Star - The Power of Faith

18 - Moon - Illusion, deception, psychic abilities

19 - Sun - Perfect attainment

20 - Judgment - Karmic justice

21 - World - Anything and Everything; Completion; abundance of resources

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