Valentine Poetry 


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Valentines Day is a popular holiday that occurs each year on February 14th.  

In America, the day is characterized by a show of love for one's sweetheart. 

Valentines Day is actually named after two Christian martyrs, both of them named Valentine.  

Symbols representing Valentines Day include hearts, angels, Cupids, bows and arrows, not to mention gifts.  

The colors most commonly associated with Valentines Day are Red, White, Black, and whatever is your sweetheart's favorite color. 

Valentine Poetry

Cupid Wears a Mask

©2008 Dawn Slanker


Angelic cherub

with face so divine.

Plump dimpled cheeks,

flushed roses and wine

Smooth satin locks

gold, flaxen curls.

lusterous wings

favoring mother of pearl

You float through our lives

piercing with darts

desolate sadness

percieved in our hearts.

You fill us with warmth,

with love, and with joy,

but sometimes I wonder

If we're only your toy.

It seems that's a mask

you wear o'er your face.

Are there horns under there?

Is your facade a disgrace?

For the love you bestow,

does soon fade away.

do you do this on purpose,

is this a game that you play?

In love and then out.

You stab at our hearts

you mess up our lives

with your mischevious art.

You malicious little Imp

Have you nothing better to do?

Can't you for once,

aim straight and aim true?

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