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Top Online Colleges and Universities

Top Trade Schools and Community Colleges

Top Law Schools

List of University PhD Programs

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Favorite iPhone Apps shows a list of some of the world's most popular iPhone Apps, organized into categories like Games, Music, Lifestyle and Entertainment.

Spring Cleaning Tips provides a handy list of the top ten most useful suggestions for achieving and maintaining a clean, well-organized home.

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Weight Watchers Point List and Other Nutritional Info

Weight Watchers Point List is a list that shows the number of Weight Watchers points given to each item on a typical McDonald's menu. Also features a free printable healthy weight chart.

Another Weight Watchers Point list features basic food items found in your grocery store, as well as some tried and true Weight Loss Tips

Low Carb Foods is an organized list of foods that are low in carbohydrates. This list may be especially helpful for people with health problems like diabetes.

List of Sugar Content in Fruits is list of fruits that shows the calorie count and sugar content for each fruit per serving.

Go here for a List of Citrus Fruits


Jokes is a well-chosen list of short funny jokes. These jokes were selected by a panel of professional stand up comics who actually know what makes people laugh. 

More Jokes is a top-ten list of (some of) the funniest short jokes ever told, with credit given to the superstar comic who told it. 

List of Quotes is a list of funny things said by famous people. 

African American Quotations: a list of quotes from famous African American people. 

List of Sayings is a list of humorous adages and proverbs by Quentin Crisp and others clever enough to be famous for their quips. 

List of Birthday Phrases Funny quips, quotes and jokes for birthday cards. Better yet, just say it to their faces. 


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FIFA World Cup: A Visual List of Champions

Facts About US States with Full Color Photos 

Minerals From Every US State 


List of U.S. Presidents gives a detailed list of United States Presidents, along with each President's political affiliation and dates of service.

List of State Governors is an up-to-date list of Governors from every state, along with each Governor's political affiliation.

List of U.S. Senators will bring you to an up-to-date list of United States Senators, along with some funny political cartoons.

List of World Religions is a list of the world's twenty largest religions, ranked by size. Try to remember this is NOT a contest, okay?


List of California Cities is a list that names the fifty largest cities in California, ranked by population size.

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