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The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style

by Judee Shipman



PEASANT TOP: A roomy blouse with a low neckline, sometimes trimmed with ruffles.  

Above image credit: bestproducts.com

PEDAL PUSHERS: Pants that are hemmed within a few inches of the knee. Also known as Capri pants. 

Above image credit: vogue.com

PEDS: Very short socks of cotton or nylon, extending only over the toes and just above the heel. 

Peds are designed to be hidden inside a pair of shoes.

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Above image credit: max20shop.com

PEEK-A-BOO: A garment with a cutout pattern that reveals either the skin or an undergarment.  

Above image credit: fashionstatement.asia

PEEP TOE: A type of shoe with the upper cut away at the front, revealing some of the toes. 

Above image credit: shoespie.com

PENCIL SKIRT: A long, straight, narrow ladies' skirt with no flare at the hem. 

Above image credit: youtube.com

PEPLUM: A short, skirt-like piece of fabric attached around the waistline of a garment, and overlaying the skirt. 

Above image credit: fvtalktest.wordpress.com

PERCALE: A smooth, woven cotton fabric, nowadays used mainly for making sheets. 

Shown below, a 19th century percale cotton dress. 

Above image credit: Pinterest.com

PERMANENT PRESS: Refers to any fabric that has undergone a particular chemical process designed to resist wrinkles. 

Above image credit: nytimes.com

PETER PAN COLLAR: A flat, round collar that fastens around the neck and rests upon the shoulders. 

Above image credit: dressific.com

PETIA: An apron-like flap of fabric designed to partially cover a lady's stomach when she is wearing a choli

Above image credit: grapeimgxs.pw

PETITE OIE: A set of ribbons used as trim on some men's suits back in the 17th century. 

Above image credit: blog.dentelle-et-habit.com

PETIT POINT: Slanted, adjacent needlepoint stitches resulting in a solid background. Used for appliqu├ęs, pillow covers, and some fashion designs, such as the one shown below. 

Above image credit: thelifestylepotpourri.com

PETTICOAT: An underskirt traditionally decorated with a ruffle or lace edging. 

Above image credit: pinup-fashion.com

PHULKARI: A style of Punjabi embroidery, typically seen on veils. 

above image credit: fashionbuzzer.com

PICOT: A row of small loops sewn onto a hem for decorative effect. 

above image credit: Pinterest.com

PICOTAGE: A speckled effect porduced by light hitting the surface certain pile fabrics. 

above image credit: quiltcottonfabric.com

PILE: The extra yarn stuck to the surface of a fabric. A measure of the fabric's "fluffiness." 

above image credit: europages.co.uk

PILLING: Short, loose fibers entangled on the surface of fabric, creating unfashionable little balls of lint. A common problem with some textiles. 

Shown here, pilling-resistant acrylic spandex fabric. 

above image credit: aliexpress.com

PILLBOX HAT: A small, round, stiff hat with a flat top. 

above image credit: unique-vintage.com

PIMA COTTON: Named after the Pima people, pima cotton is a soft fabric, similar to Egyptian cotton.  

Below, a pima cotton drape sweater completes this lady's street style look.  

above image credit: viewfrom5ft2.com



The Illustrated Glossary of Fabric, Fashion, and Style


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