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This page features Free Printable World Maps of every conceivable kind.

Scroll down to see an assortment of unique and unusual Maps Of The World. You can do so many cool activities with these maps, such as

  • Print enlarged versions of the maps, and hang them on your wall as posters. 
  • Print as many copies as you need to use these maps for teaching and testing purposes. 
  • Print out the map of your choice, and design your own artistic creation based on it. 
  • Send and share these images with your friends. 

Scroll further down for links to other free printable global maps, national maps, city maps, craft maps, and other map design themes. 

To print any of the images shown here, just right click on the image and select a save option from your drop down menu.

This will send the image to your picture file for future use. Reduce or enlarge the image and adjust page margins as needed for best printed results. 

Shown above, and antique World map wall mural that covers an entire wall. 

Above: Some World Maps depict mountain ranges and other land features. These types of World Maps are often called Physical World Maps or Topographical (Topo) World Maps.


Above: Other World Maps illustrate people's interests, such as the " World Song Map" shown here. This is basically a standard world map, except that it features 1,200 song titles instead of place names. 


Above: A bright and colorful World Map for kids. 


Above: A colorful, world wall map showing country names, as well as lines of latitude and longitude.   


Above: This gray scale world map awaits your labeling expertise.   


Above: World Maps that show climate conditions are both educational and beautiful to look at. This color-coded global temperature map shows temperatures and climate conditions all over the world. Red is very warm. Blue is very cool. But green and yellow are just right. 


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